Why Buy a Log Cabin?

There is no doubt the Scandinavian way of life is one of the highest rated in the world with values such as simple living and connecting with nature. These concepts are now becoming more and more popular in the UK. One of our log cabins is the perfect place to embrace this healthy living trend.

Posted on 11th June 2019, 4 minute read

Forest Cheviot Log Cabin - 18ft x 13ft


You may be wondering how a log cabin can improve your life. Wood is a wonderful material that has a nurturing effect on our bodies. The way in which wood absorbs and, in turn, releases water in a log cabin gives rise to an extremely comfortable level of humidity that balances with the air outside. This is a very healthy atmosphere to spend time in, especially if you or your family suffer from allergies.


There are so many uses for a log cabin that can only enhance your existing living space. If your home is usually a hectic place, make a log cabin your serene getaway. Embrace the Scandinavian tradition of “hygge”, which means cosy, comfortable living, without effort.

Fill the space with soft furnishings and blankets and take a few moments each day with a cup of coffee and notice the cosy nature of the natural material.

Whether you have an outside area which is sprawling or your options are a little more constrained, a log cabin could provide you with a brand new living space and the opportunities are countless.

One such option would be a home office; a log cabin can create an incredible atmosphere which aids concentration, focus and improves your frame of mind. The flexibility of the log cabin means you can choose the type that will best suit your needs.

For example, if you need space you have not limited to one-size fits all approach, or if you thrive in natural light then our wide range of full pane doors and windows which achieve the feel you require.

Making a Log Cabin Your Own

Forest Wrekin Log Cabin - 16ft x 12ft


While the attraction of more natural space is undoubtedly appealing, our range of log cabins can be complemented by whatever mod-cons you desire, and in particular, our premium Blind Range transforms the aesthetics of the cabin to provide a unique ambience and give you full control over the light and sound of the great outdoors.

There are so many ways you can customise your log cabin, add shelves, lighting or even a wood burner and it will really be an extension of your home.

These homely touches will be invaluable if you intend to open the doors of your brand new hideaway to family and friends.

With our professional guidance available to you, you will be able to create a stylish, comfortable and private space which will give your guests a home-from-home place to stay. You might find that you become more popular than ever!


If you have a growing family, a log cabin makes a brilliant social space to spend time together away from the distractions of family life. Get some downtime from the screen time and set up a quiet craft space or a dedicated board games area that the whole family can enjoy and make fond memories.

If you have older children, a log cabin is an ideal way to give them some space to make their own. Let them create a cool place to hang out with friends and siblings in an environment you know is safe.

You may be concerned that a log cabin will dominate your outside space. In reality, the effect of having such a useful space will add to the versatility of your garden. It will give you somewhere to shelter from the sun in the summer and from the cold or wet in the winter. This means you can make the most of all the lifestyle benefits of spending time outdoors all year round.

Forest Wrekin Log Cabin - 16ft x 12ft


A wooden structure lends itself well to being a focal point in any garden. We think bare, unfinished wood looks beautiful; being a natural material it just gets better with age.

Exposure to the elements will naturally age the wood giving you a feature that will evolve with your garden. If the look of bare wood isn’t for you, you can paint or stain the log cabin to suit your taste and to make the cabin blend seamlessly with any existing wooden features your garden has.


As a way to extend your living space a log cabin has to be the easiest, most convenient option. Log cabins really come into their own when we consider the alternatives you have when it comes to creating more space.

When measured up to an extension, log cabins come out on top in terms of budget, choice and practicality.

Our range of log cabins starts from around £1,300. All of the log cabins we offer are supplied by a leading manufacturer of garden products, Forest. Constructed using the highest quality machined logs, you can be confident your purchase will last for many years.

All Forest log cabins come with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee for that extra peace of mind. Sizes available range from 7 x 7 ft to 18 x 13 ft with lots of options in between. There are variations of single and double glazing, shingle and felt roofing, single and double doors and secure locks.

We are sure we can help you find a log cabin to fit your specifications and your budget.