6 Dreamy Pergola Ideas

When decorating and designing how we will effectively use space in our home, our outdoor area can be less of a focal point and is often overlooked. Your garden is perfectly optimised to generate extra living space; to create a welcoming area that is used for entertaining or a tranquil space just to relax in.

Posted on 5th June 2019, 2 minute read

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One simple way to create all of this is by installing a pergola. We have compiled 6 stunning ideas of how a pergola can create a striking feature in your garden whilst transforming your outdoor space.

A pergola, by definition, is an outdoor structure that has vertical posts that support cross-beams. These beams form an open roof space and they can often feature latticework as part of its design. It can be a free-standing structure in your garden; provide coverage to a walkway or even be attached to your home.

It is very simple in its design but this is part of its appeal. A pergola allows you the freedom to create a visually appealing space that will allow you to showcase your personality and style.

Enjoy Alfresco Dining

During the summer months and with lighter nights, a pergola is a perfect way to enjoy outdoor living. Put an outdoor dining table, a barbeque or even a pizza oven in your pergola and take pleasure in enjoying alfresco dining.

Depending on the position of your garden, it will also be a glorious way to watch the sunset after enjoying that amazing dinner.

Create A Garden Oasis

With the simple structure of the pergola, it is ideal for climbing plants and will create a wonderful vertical garden in your outdoor area. You could plant wisteria, clematis or even grape vines. As they grow, they will give protection from the weather, create a shady environment and even create a private space from the rest of your garden. It will become your own garden oasis, a fabulous secluded area surrounded by nature!

Create The Perfect Entertaining Space

If creating extra entertaining space is a lifestyle priority for you, a pergola will open many wonderful opportunities. Installing drapes or netting around the perimeter of your pergola will create an intimate space by night. During the day, having the drapes fixed back will create a picture frame of different viewpoints in your garden.

Lighting is also a fabulous way to create a further atmosphere in your entertaining space. Depending on your style you could hang string lights, lanterns or even use candles – either of these options will create a stunning and welcoming ambience to your pergola.

Create A Peaceful Haven

Sometimes we just need a space that we can retreat to. Somewhere that is a relaxing place where we can unwind. Somewhere that is a haven from the outside world. Your pergola will be that area! Install a hammock or even a swing seat in your pergola and you have the ideal area for reading, meditating or just watching nature around you. Your pergola will become the perfect relaxation zone in your own garden.

A Relaxing Hot Tub Area

You can even take this focus on relaxation a step further by using your pergola to go over a hot tub. Having a hot tub in our garden is certainly increasing in popularity and it will create a truly unique and relaxing space. The pergola will give extra shade and protection from the weather whilst providing more privacy when you are enjoying your hot tub.

During the evenings, you can transform your hot tub area even further by adding lighting and drapes.

Enjoy On A Winter Night

The stunning ideas listed above on how your pergola will create a striking feature in your garden, conjure up thoughts of sunny days and warm nights. However, your pergola can also be an area that you can use all year round. Yes, even on those winter nights!

There are folding canopies you can add to your pergola that will close off the open roof aspect. This will offer further protection from weather elements. Install a fireplace and lights in your pergola area and you have a fabulous way to a lovely winter night.

A pergola structure is normally very minimalist in its design and look but its style will be completely determined by you and your personality. It will also be determined by how you wish to use your extra outdoor living space. Will it be an area for alfresco dining; a garden oasis; an entertaining space; a space for relaxation; a place to enjoy a dip in the hot tub or an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors all year round?

However you plan to use your pergola, you can be guaranteed that it will offer you the perfect opportunity to create a stunning and inviting area in your garden whilst also providing extra living space.