Garden Storage Ideas

Many homeowners don't realise how crucial efficient garden storage is to their outdoor garden necessities until it's too late. Here at Building Supplies Online, we want to eradicate this problem by informing our customers of all the wonderfully vast options there are out on the market for transforming their outdoor storage spaces without subtracting from the sometimes minimal space available to them.

Our researchers have collated a report of the premier garden storage ideas no matter the primary intention of our customers. Whether your priority is enhancing the aesthetic features of your garden while simultaneously augmenting your available storage space, or buying the most practical storage space for your specific budget, we have a list of garden storage ideas perfectly suited to your personal outdoor needs.

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Types of Garden Storage Structures

  • Bike Storage - Some may not be aware that they can upgrade their current ground-based, out of date bike racks, with more modern wall-based bike sheds. These will not only open up the space available but are a stylish twist on the usually mundane bike storage choices seen in many homes. 
  • Boxes - Wooden boxes are a highly useful garden storage method and are great for stashing all small outdoor tools. Not only this but they are the perfect solution to maintaining a clean house; leave wellies and coats outside in the box and there won’t be a speck of dirt in sight! Well, think again! Wooden containers can be purchased for extremely affordable prices at almost any DIY store or online. 
  • Sheds - The most obvious of all Garden Buildings. They create a space that is perfect for preserving all outdoor and garden equipment including; lawn mowers, spades and wood. The list is endless! The large ones can also be used for a range of other purposes that you probably haven’t even thought of such as; offices and art studios.

How to Maximise the Benefits of your Garden Storage

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Not everyone has the luxury of an extensive garden which is why it is important to remember there are still a great variety of ways to increase your outdoor storage capacity without overwhelming your available space.

Whether your aim is to maximise your the space available in your bike shed or your tool shed, or any other form of outdoor storage construct, the garden storage ideas set out below are versatile, meaning they can be adapted to suit any budget!


It may seem an obvious choice, but the use of shelving within the interior of your garden building should not be underestimated. Shelving allows homeowners, whose sheds were previously stuffed with a couple of bikes and a lawnmower, the opportunity to accommodate their smaller items such as potted plants, tools or old school books in a stylish and organised fashion.

The easy to install nature of shelves, whether it be in the typical horizontal format or the ever more fashionable ladder design, means you can do it yourself, an especially useful advantage for those DIYing on a budget.

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All you need are some 4x4 planks, a measuring tape, drill, a couple of brackets, a handful of nails and a youtube tutorial! For the less experienced DIYer, or for those willing to spend a little extra cash, a company can be hired to install your lovely new shelving with just one google search.

Green Garden Storage Ideas:

Whether you’ve run out of space in your greenhouse, or maybe your pet can’t be trusted not to tear up your flower beds, wall planters are the optimal solution that incorporates style and still remains affordable!

Wall planters also accommodate the planting needs of those with little available space as well as completely transforming a garden building that you previously considered an eyesore. We all know the countless health benefits of having plants and greenery around your home so why not use your empty outdoor walls for this storage purpose as well!

Creating Aesthetically Pleasing Garden Storage

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Turning Plain Walls into Storage Solutions:

Shelving is only one of many garden storage ideas involving harnessing available wall space for storing purposes. Although shelving can come in many forms, some more stylish than others, wall cubbies are an easy yet visually pleasing garden storage idea for those concerned with maintaining the aesthetic of their outdoor storage spaces. These can be fitted at various angles and come in a variety of colours to complement the already established aesthetic of your shed, greenhouse, conservatory or veranda. The list goes on.

Crates and Baskets:

In terms of garden storage ideas, this option is probably the most self-explanatory. Store a multitude of items in a space-efficient way which also removes the appearance of clutter that loose tools and other items.

Old, Unused Furniture:

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The aesthetically pleasing shouldn't have to come at an audacious price, which is why recycling your old pots, desk or chest of drawers into a focal point of your garden storage is an extremely innovative and expenseless way of achieving that rustic chic that never goes out of style.

Whether you have inherited some old vases from your mother’s house or have picked up some cheap furniture from a garage sale, these can form the perfect storage solution whilst remaining eclectic and fashionable!

As you can see, the ways to transform your exterior storage buildings without compromising your wallet or your overall aesthetic are limitless. Garden storage ideas should not only consider the practical but should be adaptable to all your unique and personal requirements as a homeowner and budding DIYer!

At BSO we fully understand this, so browse our website for more storage information or DIY equipment to start transforming your garden today.