ISOVER Hi-Cav 32 Cavity Wall Insulation

ISOVER Hi-Cav 32 Cavity Wall Insulation Product code: isover_hi_cav_32_cavity_wall_insulation
Product code: isover_hi_cav_32_cavity_wall_insulation
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£51.61 (inc. VAT) £43.01 (ex. VAT)

ISOVER Hi-Cav 32 Cavity Wall Insulation.  more....

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Price from
£51.61 (inc. VAT) £43.01 (ex. VAT)
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    Hi-Cav 32 is designed to be installed during construction to fully fill the cavity between two masonry leaves in external walls. The product is a non-combustible, silicone-impregnated glass mineral wool slab, supplied in a variety of thicknesses, in 1200mm x 455mm dimension compatible with conventional wall tie spacing. Hi-Cav 32 is composed of high quality glass wool, which is bonded with a synthetic, thermo-setting resin,silicone impregnated, to form a strong yet resilient insulating slab, which is easy to handle, cut and install.

    • Designed to aid compliance with Building Regulations
    Part L 2006 for England and Wales.
    • Allows the continued use of traditional building materials
    and construction techniques.
    • U-values as low as 0.23 can be achieved within an overall
    300mm wall width.
    • No increase in house footprint.
    • Will help to meet the masonry party wall acoustic
    requirements of Building Regulations Part E without
    the need for parge coats and wet trades.
    • BBA certified for multi-storey use.
    • Completely fire safe - Euroclass A1 fire rating,
    the best attainable.
    • Does not hinder