Internal Doors

Internal Doors


Explore our extensive range of quality internal doors designed to enhance your home. We have a fantastic selection of interior doors, from traditional to modern, with a choice of woods and finishes, including beautiful internal glazed doors.

Internal Doors

Huge Range of Internal Doors

Our extensive range of internal doors are priced to suit all types of budgets. With a wide range of styles available including traditional and modern internal doors, from quality oak internal doors to laminate doors through to white internal doors, we are sure you will find the right door for your home.

Choosing your Internal Door

With so many styles of internal doors to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start.  Many things will influence the type of door your choose. If you are planning to stay in your home for a while then investing in quality internal doors to enhance your home will be worthwhile.  The impact of changing your internal doors can be massive and add real value to your home - just imagine how you entrance hall could look with a door refresh.  If you need light into your home consider internal glazed french doors that let light through or internal white doors that reflect light into the space.  If light is less of an issue than oak internal doors can look amazing, adding a real sense of substance and style.  If your home is a period property then selecting the right door is very important, our selection of panelled doors include, 4 and 6 panel in wood and white and primed with glazing options.  We also have shaker internal doors which are very popular.  Pine, walnut and oak internal doors in various styles are also available.

Internal Doors at Low Costs

Internal doors are not always as expensive as you think, especially at BSO where our doors are available at Trade Prices, substantially less than the RRP.  Meaning that you don't need to compromise on your choice. 

Internal Door Materials & Finishes

There are a wide range of internal door finishes and materials enabling you to choose the finish you want.  Some doors are veneered, others come primed, we also have solid wood doors in pine, with oak and walnut being veneered composite doors, which are much more stable and look amazing - it's very hard to tell the difference these days - price is really where you will see the difference as solid wood internal doors are very expensive.   Primed internal doors are ready for you to add the finish you want, we also have grey internal doors which are very popular too. 

Within the range of internal doors there are a variety of materials and finishes such as moulded, white primed and flush.  There are lots of kinds of internal doors on the market and you are able to select the main one based on your taste.

The style and design of an internal door is important, as they allow you to interject more personality into a room, which in turn can improve the aura within the room. An internal door also has the ability to determine whether a room is perceived as traditional or contemporary. What ever the internal door size you are looking for or even bespoke we can provide the right interior doors for you. You could show your creative side and experiment with your style, introduce a splash of colour or even a glass door to create that 'wow' factor with your internal door selection.  When you consider buying and internal oak door you can choose from different cores and veneers. All the oak doors can be trimmed as per the product page specification to help with the ease of fitting.

If you need additional help with door installation, please find our guide on standard door sizes.

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