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Walnut Doors

Walnut Doors offer a rich and warm accent to any room, through the use of beautiful rich tones and distinct natural markings.

Walnut Doors look great when contrasted against cool, contemporary surroundings and can give off a dramatic edge

Why Choose Walnut Doors?

  • They are perfect for both minimalist and traditional homes looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Walnut Doors can instantly boost your living space.
  • They can give contemporary homes a traditional edge.
  • They are a timeless classic, they are never going out of fashion.
  • Walnut is now an ever more popular option of wood for people seeking to put a contemporary twist on their home interior.
  • Walnut is popular with craftsmen for a number of reasons.

Our Range

  • All our Walnut Doors are pre-finished to guarantee a high excellent finish. Walnut Internal Doors generally have a tendency to be on the costly side. They can provide a wide number of natural, interesting designs that are guaranteed to catch the eye.
  • All include generous lipping’s to enable you to trim to fit the size of door opening in your home.
  • They may have a dramatic effect on your house and can complete the look of your home.
  • They are offered in a number of standard size options but don’t be too concerned if you can’t locate the ideal measurements to fulfil your requirements.

If you would like a door that comprises a distinctive design choose Walnut Doors. If you’re looking for a subtle yet stylish Walnut Door, then you may choose to look at the mistral from our Walnut Flush variety. This style provides a three-panel effect and has a stunning varnish finish.

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