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Vanity Basins


Our Vanity Basins are a great space saving solution for your bathroom.

Our vanity basins are designed to be paired with bathroom vanity units to provide storage room for your bathroom without making additional demands on space.

If you have limited space available in your bathroom, installing a Vanity Basin is a great solution – not only does it take up less space than a traditional basin, but it also looks sophisticated at the same time. A Vanity Basin is fitted into a vanity unit, where you can store all your essential items to keep the room clean and tidy. We have a large array of Vanity Basin designs for sale, so take a look at the selection and see what takes your fancy. They come in many different sizes, shapes and price brackets, so you are bound to find the perfect one to suit your home.

he products in this section are manufactured by top brands such as Ideal Standard, Vitra and Hudson Reed, giving you confidence in your Vanity Basin purchase. Every Vanity Basin here is made of high-quality ceramic with a sleek white finish, and you can choose additional fittings such as taps and wall fixings if necessary. The full range of options for each individual Vanity Basin can be viewed by clicking into the product page, where the description box houses all the information you could need. Make sure to select carefully from the dropdown boxes, so that the item you receive matches what you wanted.

From our smallest Vanity Basin, the Concept Space Furniture design, to the largest ones, such as the Turin 605x410mm Semi Recessed Vanity Basin or Concept Vanity Basin, there really is something for everyone. We have a range of stylish shapes including rectangular, square, oval and semi-circular basins – useful for deciding whether you want a traditional Vanity Basin or a more unique design. Whilst we believe all basins in stock are stunning and would look fantastic anywhere, certain room styles match better with some basins than others, so consider the overall look you want to achieve when choosing your Vanity Basin.

The combination of vanity basin and vanity unit also give your bathroom a sleek, and sophisticated style. These bathroom sink units are ideal for smaller bathrooms and closet bathrooms where space is limited. The vanity units beneath the basin incorporate cupboards and drawers for storage, and provide extra surfaces for the everyday items and products that you use most often.

Choosing your Vanity Basin

In larger bathrooms where space is more available a bathroom vanity unit might be more valuable for adding elegance and style, but by providing storage within the sink unit they allow you to make the most of that additional space allowed by a larger bathroom as well. The vanity unit helps you to keep your bathroom clean by hiding pipework, and without the need for additional building work or adding fittings to your bathroom walls.

Our range of vanity basins includes designs from Ideal Standard concept space and concept air styles. The different designs are either fully recessed into the top of the vanity unit, or semi-recessed into the top of the vanity unit with the front rim of the sink protruding beyond the front edge of the unit. This can help you to choose a bathroom vanity unit that best suits the size of your bathroom, and your tastes in style and look.

They allow for a variety of tap hole configurations, so you to choose a vanity basin that fits your preference for design in taps. Our vanity basins are made from white vitreous china so are attractive and durable. They are also easy to keep clean compared with basins made from other materials.

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