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Bidet Taps

On Building Supplies Online, we have a large variety of different Bidet Taps, all to suit your various needs.

Why Choose our Bidet Taps?

Our Bidet Taps are either manufactured with a chrome coating, leaving a stylish finish and a number of practical advantages.

  • Firstly the strength and hardness characteristics make this a long lasting product, meaning that this investment would be worthwhile.
  • Secondly, the use of chrome makes the tap resistant to corrosion, further enhancing the life of the product.
  • Most of all the use of chrome creates an aesthetically pleasing tap, which would perfectly fit in to any contemporary or modern bathroom.

How Much are our Bidet Taps?

Our Bidet Taps range from £40 up to £260, providing a large range of pricing options to suit you best.

The taps in the lower range are mostly singled headed Bidet Taps, with a chrome finish to encompass all the benefits previously stated, with the main material being brass. The middle priced taps have a slightly more ergonomic design, to increase productivity and quality.

Then the higher cost Bidet Taps are more commonly dual heads, which engage in a more traditional style of tap, so this purchase would really be investing in the style you are hoping to illustrate.

Bidet Tap Brands

We have a number of different manufacturers, including some of the best Bidet Tap manufacturers in the UK. And then within this we have two different types of Bidet Taps, Monobloc and mixer taps.

In a mixer tap, before the water leaves the faucet, the hot and cold water is mixed together to create an even temperature before being run. Whereas, in the monobloc design, you can choose a temperature before it is released.

Finally, we have a number of brands available for our Bidet Taps, including: Arcade, Bayswater, Britton, Burlington, Grohe, Ideal Standard, Premier, Roca and Ultra. If this suits your needs, then head over to Building Supplies Online today and have a look at our range of Bidet Taps. 

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