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Wall Mounted Taps

Wall Mounted Taps are as you may guess by the name, mounted to your bathroom wall instead of the bath or basin in your bathroom.

Wall Mounted Taps tend to be more eye-catching than standard taps as they are above the bath or basin, so are perfect for making a statement in your bathroom.

What are Wall Mounted Taps?

Wall Mounted Taps may be slightly more difficult to plumb in than standard taps, so get some advice from a plumber if you are unsure of anything. This is because the pipework for the taps will need to be hidden within the wall.

It will be fairly straightforward to chase new pipes further up the wall when revamping your bathroom as you may already be going to remove the existing wall coverings ie tiles or wall panels.

With the wall exposed and the pipework in view, it will be necessary to extend the old pipes to the correct height on the wall, where you wish your taps to be.

The old bath tap pipes may not be fixed to the wall, so for the new Wall Mounted Taps they will need to be cut into the wall in a new channel and then either boarded with something like water resistant plasterboard or replaster the wall with the pipes in their new position.

Finally, your new wall coverings would be fitted and the wall mounted taps would be fitted on top of the new tiles or wall panels. Once your pipework is in the right place, you are ready for your new wall mounted taps. There are many different designs to choose from and Wall Mounted Taps can add a stylish finish to your new bathroom.

Choosing your Wall Mounted Taps

  • The more traditional style of Wall Mounted Tap has a hot and cold tap either side of the spout the water comes out of. This allows for mixing of the water temperature which is handy for running a bath.
  • Then for a really modern, luxurious twist, you have Wall Mounted Taps that have a waterfall spout that the water will cascade gently from creating a spa-like feel to your bathroom.
  • These mixer taps have a lever to control the flow of water and temperature so are easy to operate and are good for persons with less dextrous hands. Also available are the more contemporary, mixer style wall mounted taps.These have built-in thermostats so your water temperature is constant. This is an important feature especially in a family bathroom as this prevents accidental scalding.
  • Many Wall Mounted Taps have special features that help to use less water and are more environmentally friendly.
  • Wall Mounted Taps on your bath can still have a shower fitting as well leading from the top of the tap fitting. So by adding a raiser bar and shower screen or enclosure to your bath, you can have a shower as well as a bath which is ideal for busy mornings or hair washing.
  • Wall mounted taps are available in many colours as well as the standard chrome, there are black, gold and brushed nickel so there will be a colour and finish to compliment your new bathroom and other fittings.
  • Wall Mounted Taps can also be used on your bathroom basin to match your bath taps.
  • Wall Mounted Taps for a basin are exactly the same as for the bath taps, where the pipework will need raising above the height it was for basin mounted taps.

They are also made with a tap either side of the water spout for a traditional look or a single lever tap for mixing the water temperature for a more modern look. Wall mounted taps tend to take up less space so are really useful in a compact bathroom, ensuite or even a cloakroom. 

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