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Electric Showers

Modern design and innovation means there are a range of shower systems on the market today, with electric showers still amongst the most popular purchase due to their great value and ease of installation.

Electric showers are a great addition to any bathroom or shower room. Electric showers only need a cold water supply as they heat the water themselves as it is needed. This means there is no wastage and electric showers are economical as you are not heating a whole tank of water. The water is heated on an element built inside the shower fitting. A benefit of electric showers is that they are always ready to use, great for busy households or if your boiler is playing up!

Electric showers don't normally need a pump to make them work either as the water pressure depends on the pressure coming from the mains. There are pumped electric showers available if needed for areas with low water pressure, these are called power showers. Most electric showers have a thermostat that keeps the water temperature steady if someone else runs a tap elsewhere in the house. Also, electric showers often have shower heads with different spray patterns that you can adjust to your preference.

There are several wattage options available when choosing your new shower, from 7kw to 10.8kw. The higher the wattage of the unit, the higher the water pressure achieved by the shower. If you are planning to choose from electric showers of over 9kw in power, be aware that you will need to upgrade the cabling to the shower to 10mm, most home circuits are 6mm. It is advisable to have an electrician to check and install this for you, as water and electricity can be a dangerous combination if not properly installed.

Electric showers are available with lots of features such as anti-scald which is an important safety feature. Other features include technology to help prevent limescale buildup. This is useful especially if you live in a hard water area as it helps the shower have a longer lifespan.

How do Electric Showers work?

Electric showers are housed with their own in-built heating unit making installation simple, all you need is a cold water supply. If this sounds like the perfect option for you, look no further than our choice of Mira electric showers. Electric showers are developed to work as a complete self-contained unit, heating and pumping the water as it’s used. This means our Mira electric showers only need to be connected to a cold water supply. Electric showers are also popular for being a far more energy efficient alternative to standard units.

Electric showers like our choice of Mira power showers do not require water to be drawn from a boiler, so none of your valuable hot water is wasted. By contrast, a standard shower system draws from both your hot and cold water supplies, with the result that the strength of your shower is effectively dependant on the water pressure of your home.

Electric showers heat water fed into the integral unit, this hot water is in turn fed back into the stream of cold water through a thermostatic valve, maintaining a constant temperature. Electric showers are designed with a dial on the outside of the unit, giving manual control over the temperature. One key advantage of electric showers is that they can mitigate against those frustrating occasions when someone else in the home turns on a hot tap or flushes a toilet, often resulting in a sudden dip or increase of water temperature.

Choosing your Electric Shower

Our Mira electric showers are available in two power output options, with separate power and temperature controls, on/off push button design and many other technologically advanced features. Mira electric shower units remain amongst the best selling electric power showers in the UK, their reputation for great performance and simple installation will always make these electric showers a first class choice for your bathroom.

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