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Showers Towers & Panels

Showers Towers & Panels

Explore our range of Shower Panels & Towers from industry leading brands including Ideal Standard, Aquamist & Premier. When you're ready to upgrade your bathroom and you have a penchant for the luxurious, Shower Panels are unequalled in terms of form and function.

Why Shower Towers & Panels?

Shower panels are a modern alternative to tiling your bathroom walls, they are also known as wet walls. They are made from acrylic, glass or laminate which means they are flexible and are economical to purchase. Shower panels are quick easy way to revamp and modernise your bathroom.

These shower panels offer a deluxe and stylish alternative to more traditional shower units. Shower panels feature innovative technology and inject glamour and elegance into your bathroom. They deliver a truly exquisite showering experience.

Shower panels take an everyday shower to the next level, making it a more memorable, spa-like showering experience. Shower panels are designed to deliver an all in one shower unit, suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

Shower panels are unashamedly designed with luxury in mind and make a first class addition to any high end bathroom or commercial space. These cutting edge shower panels are not only reliable, but are second to none if you are looking for something really special.

The all in one shower unit is increasingly popular with customers looking to upgrade the fixtures and fittings of their bathroom. Shower Towers require quite a bit of room. Considering shower panels for smaller bathrooms like en-suites may not be appropriate. But if you have a more spacious bathing space shower towers will add a real wow factor that will elevate your existing bathroom to the next level.

Shower panels are lightweight and therefore easy to manoeuvre and install. Shower panels also add soundproofing and insulation, ideal for a warm, peaceful shower room. Shower panels are designed to be low maintenance as they are scratch and chip resistant as well as being robust and unlikely to discolour or fade

Our Range of Shower Towers & Panels

Our selection of Shower panels from leading designers like Ideal Standard and Aquamist come in a variety of styles. Our shower panels are furnished with a wealth of useful features. These include temperature controllers, thermostatic mixers and waterfall or single supply adjustable jets.

Our shower panels are constructed from highly durable materials. These include stainless steel and glass. They offer extreme ease of clean as well as sophisticated contemporary appearance.

Recent innovations have made shower panels the perfect purchase if you are seeking a more opulent shower design. Shower panels are guaranteed to turn heads. They are increasingly becoming that 'must have' status symbol for the discerning home decor enthusiast.

How to Choose your Shower Towers & Panels

Shower Panels are available in some amazing colours and designs to really bring your bathroom to life. Instead of a plain classic white tiled bathroom, you could use shower panels in a bright primary colour. This will bring out the shower enclosure wall, or behind the bath for a feature wall with a real pop of colour.

There are many other marble effect and tile effect patterns for a more traditional look too. Shower panels can be fixed over existing tiling or onto bare walls to quickly create a waterproof shower enclosure.

You only need two or possibly 3 large panels to make a smart, easy to keep clean shower. Shower panels are completely waterproof and do not need grouting. This saves a lot of time and means there is no grouting to discolour and potentially need lots of cleaning. This also means that the shower panels help create a healthy atmosphere as they help prevent bacteria, mould and mildew growth.

Most shower panels can be installed with adhesives, some even have a peel off backing with a ready to stick adhesive layer, ready to apply to your wall. The acrylic panels can be drilled and screwed to fix if need be.

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