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Grey toilet seats are wonderful in modern bathrooms. They provide a superb finish to your toilet making it modern but stylish and attractive. Online now, we have a great choice of differing grey finishes and styles which all look superb.

Our Range

Grey toilet seats are an excellent choice. Particularly for homes with modern decor. Grey is an excellent colour choice for matching as it looks great with both white and black. We stock a range of different grey toilet seats coming in different shapes and sizes, which include;

  • Square
  • D shaped
  • Pointed 
  • Rounded  

Grey toilet seats are excellent to brighten your bathroom, it also matches superbly well with white basins or baths but adds an extra touch too. Darker shades of grey are also fantastic for more traditional style bathrooms; the darker tone matches excellently with traditional style bathroom amenities.

Making a Choice

You should consider the type of bathroom you have in mind before deciding what the best toilet seat for you is. If you are restricted for space then grey square toilet seats are an excellent choice as these are reduced in size but still look elegant and minimalist. The colour of grey is an important factor, different shades can provide a different feel so this is very important.

We have a variety of grey toilet seats available for a whole range of prices from low budget to high budget, so we are sure we have something for you. Grey toilet seats are growing in popularity as more modern bathrooms are being chosen over the traditional bathroom. 

We have a large choice of different grey toilet seats to choose from. All come in various styles and finishes, with soft close options available and also different shades of grey to fine-tune your choice, all are available for superbly competitive prices which won't be beaten. "

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