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Loft Ladders

Loft Ladders

Explore our selection of loft ladders available from industry leading brands including Youngman. Loft ladders make it easy for you to access your loft in a safe manner.

A loft ladder is an inexpensive and invaluable addition to your home allowing safe and easy access to your loft, helping you to make best use of this often spacious and extremely useful space in your home. Whether you use your loft on a daily basis or you use your loft for storage and only need to access it occasionally, a loft ladder will offer convenience by providing quick and stable access when you need it.

What are Loft Ladders?

Loft Ladders are a set of steps that can be drawn back and once extended will allow easy access to your loft area. They are usually installing into the floor area in front of your loft hatch and secured to the ceiling.

Loft ladders are simply a set of steps that can be drawn back and extended to the floor, allowing easy access to your loft. They are fixed to the floor area in front of your loft hatch and secured to the ceiling, from this point loft ladders are extended below, forming a full length ladder. Once no longer needed the loft ladder can be retracted back up into the loft space.

When considering your choice of loft ladder, you will need to ascertain which ladder best suits your particular loft space. We supply a variety of loft ladder, including telescopic loft ladder systems, wooden loft ladders, section ladder systems and loft hatch and ladder combinations. A telescopic loft ladder, for example, is particularly beneficial when space is very limited as they are designed to compact down neatly using up very little room.

Loft ladders are an often overlooked but an essential piece of home equipment. They help you to make best use of every space in your home with ease and safety. You might use your loft almost every day as a utility room, activity room, or additional bedroom. Perhaps you use your loft for storage and only want access to it a few times of the year, to bring down luggage or Christmas decorations. However frequently you want to use your loft, loft ladders are an affordable, easy to install way to help you do so conveniently, quickly, and safely.

If your loft space contains appropriate clearance around the hatch opening, then a section loft ladder that extends in sections may be preferable. Each section of the loft ladder slides over the next then folds up on top of the loft hatch when stowed away. Section ladder systems allow each section to slide past one another lock securely in place on extension to the floor and can be fitted with a fixed hand rail attached to one of the sections.

Due care must be taken when measuring for your loft ladder to ensure is will fit correctly and provide safe access, but once you have established the height of your ceiling and the length that your loft ladder will need to extend, all that remains is a simple installation. Once fitted, you have created the freedom to access this valuable space in your home as frequently as you require.

Selection of Loft Ladders

Installing a loft ladder is quick and easy and saves future hassle. A loft ladder is a set of retractable steps which folds up within the loft to save floor space and folds out to a full-length ladder when necessary.

Our range of loft ladders includes loft ladders from brands such as Youngman and Manthorpe. These are trusted suppliers of home and building equipment. So you can be confident that your loft ladders are high quality and durable, so will last you for a long time no matter how frequently they are used.

You can choose a set of loft ladders from our range from less than £45.00 so they are great value, and affordable no matter how large or small your budget is. And as loft ladders can help increase the value of your home, they can be an investment as well as being an essential piece of everyday home equipment.

The key decisions you need to make when choosing your loft ladders are the extension mechanism and the height that your loft ladders need to span. This is so that they easily reach your floor when extended and you can use them safely.

Building Supplies Online has a variety of loft ladders including;

  • Telescopic Loft Ladder
  • Section Ladders
  • Wooden Loft Ladders
  • Loft Hatch And Ladder

A Telescopic loft ladder is ideal for when space is very limited as they compact extremely small. All telescopic Loft ladders feature an automatic lock system so you can be sure they will stay in place but un-release with ease. Section ladders simply fold away for a compact loft access solution. The loft ladders attached to an access door mean you only have to worry about fitting the loft access hatch. This is because the ladder is supplied, which saves space and time.

Choosing your Loft Ladder

The loft ladder range available to buy online is manufactured by Manthorpe and Youngman and offer premium quality. Choose a traditional wooden loft ladder or a modern aluminium loft ladder. Depending on your specifications loft ladders come in a variety of section sizes. These include 2 sliding sections and 3 sliding sections ladders. Your floor to ceiling height will determine how many sections you need on your loft ladder.

If your loft space has a reasonable amount of clearance around the loft hatch then you might choose loft ladders that extend in sections. The sections of these loft ladders slide over one another and fold up on top of the loft hatch when stored. They slide past one another and locking in place to reach to the floor when extended.

Sliding section loft ladders are a popular choice and have the advantage that you can choose to have a fixed hand rail attached to one of the sections. This will provide you with extra comfort and security when climbing the loft ladders. For ease and safety of use some of the sliding section loft ladders in our range incorporate a safety catch mechanism. This prevents the sections dropping prematurely when you are lowering and extending the loft ladders

Alternatively you might choose telescopic loft ladders if you have a small loft hatch. They reduce clearance around the hatch in your loft or attic space. Telescopic loft ladders are more compact when retracted. They occupy a smaller area in your loft than sliding section loft ladders when stowed. You do not require as large a loft hatch to swing through when you are lowering them for use. Like sliding section loft ladders, telescopic loft ladders are easy to operate. They feature automatic locking systems so that they can be extended in a controlled way for extra safety.

All of our loft ladders are made from solid, durable, but lightweight aluminium. They are lightweight and easy to operate but sturdy and long lasting. The loft ladders are supplied with rubber feet for extra stability and to be non-slip when in use. This will ensure that the loft ladders do not mark or damage your floor.

Benefits of Youngman Loft Ladders

Youngman specialise in access solutions and have done for over 80 years. Across those 80 years Youngman have developed and learnt what makes a great ladder. This makes them industry leaders in ladders. We are confident you will be pleased with your Youngman Loft Ladder.

Loft ladders are easy to compact and save heaps of space. Loft ladders make loft access extremely easy and different types of loft ladders have different features. Some loft ladders are straightforward ladders. Some feature handrails to add further safety precautions.

How to Measure for your Loft Ladder?

When choosing your loft ladders you will need to consider the height of your ceiling and the length that your loft ladders will need to extend to. This is so they can be used safely. Our range includes sliding section loft ladders with extension lengths between 1.45m and 3.25m. Telescopic loft ladders that can extend up to 2.9m.

If you have especially high ceilings our loft ladders range includes extension kits for your loft ladders made from solid spruce. These can extend the floor to ceiling height of your loft ladders to up to 3.5m.

Whatever the specifications of your home and loft space, the right loft ladders to meet your needs from our range of high quality loft ladders.

To measure for your Loft Ladder. Work out the height from the floor of your landing to the top of your roof joists then the floor of your loft. Most of our Loft Ladders will reach up to 3 metres. Ensure you measure the dimensions of your loft hatch too and how it opens. This way you can work out where to position your Loft Ladder.

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