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Step Ladders

Step Ladders

Explore our selection of step ladders from Youngman. Step ladders are an extremely versatile, safe and secure method of reaching heights.

Constructed with 4 feet and an A-Frame, step ladders are freestanding and therefore do not need a prop to rely on for safety. This means you can use a step ladder whenever and wherever required. The safety and practicality of step ladders make them a great option for both domestic and industrial use. Here at Building Supplies Online, we have a huge range of Stepladders to accustom to your requirements. Choose from Light Step Ladders, GRP Step Ladders, Builders Step Ladders, and Platform Step Ladders to aid in completing your job.

How to choose your Step Ladder

When choosing your step ladder it is important to assess the features of the step ladder in regards to your specification. The material is one factor to consider when choosing your step ladder. Aluminum step ladders are the lightest and therefore best for when you need to carry your ladder with you. However, it is important not to use an aluminum step ladder when working with electricity. Manufactured from fiberglass, GRP step ladders are non-conductive so would be ideal for working with electricity. GRP step ladders are heavy in comparison to other materials so may be difficult for when on the move. Steel ladders are extremely durable, the strongest step ladder material, therefore perfect for heavy-duty environments.

The number of treads on a step ladder contributes towards the height, therefore needs to be considered when investing in a step ladder. For jobs where you need to reach higher step ladders with more treads are appropriate, for example, an 8 tread. For jobs which involve low heights, fewer treads are needed, for example, a 2 tread step ladder.

Depending on your work environment, extra safety may be essential. In these circumstances, it may be handy to have a step ladder with handrails. Choosing to buy a step ladder with handrails means extra support when necessary. Some step ladders are also built with a standing platform so you can feel secure when having to reach the top tread. There is a range of step ladders built with or without handrails and platforms to buy from Building Supplies Online.

Youngman Step Ladders

The selection of step ladders available to buy from Building Supplies Online is manufactured by industry leaders Youngman. Youngman has over 90 years experience in access products and has become a market leader. Holding strong values in Safety, Quality and Innovation Youngman have made reliable, durable step ladders that are highly rated in trade and domestic use alike. Over 90 years of experience, Youngman have acquired strong knowledge and understanding of what makes a good step ladder and how to meet the needs of people using the ladder. The innovative designs of Youngman Step Ladders are guaranteed to last and provide a strong level of safety when needed.

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