Fire Resistant Plasterboard

Fire Proof plasterboard is based on complete elements such as a wall, ceiling membrane, partition or floor. They are an important factor in your home.

Our Range

Fireproof plasterboard is required to provide a minimum period of fire resistance. This is structured into a range from 30-120 minutes. This all depends on the occupancy amount, use and size of the current building. Our range online offers single layer and double layer options with thicknesses from 12.5mm to 15mm.

Fire resistant plasterboard in the U.K is subject to rigorous testing to ensure that the product meets the quality and performing standard. All our products online are tested and assured for safety; our range boasts some top manufacturers here in the U.K with outstanding reviews.

Making a Choice

Fire Resistant Plasterboard prices primarily vary depending on the size, thickness and also fire resistance. If you choose to go for double layer wallboard it's likely to be more expensive as the fire resistance is higher. However, choosing a single layer and thinner Fireline provides lower resistance in fires but is often the cheaper option.

The price can also be affected by a number of other factors such as;

  • Partition height
  • Insulation type and thickness
  • Stud type
  • Staggered board joints
  • Fixing details at the partition head and base. 
All these factors should be assessed prior to making your decision, to ensure that you choose the correct fire resistant plasterboard.

Fire resistant plasterboard is online on our website and we have an excellent range to choose from all for extremely competitive prices

How long will the plasterboard resist fire?

All fire-rated products have to have a standard resistance of up to 30 minutes. Our fireproof plasterboard meets these requirements and lasts up to 30 minutes in the case of a fire.

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