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If you are planning to tile a wall or floor you will also need a tile adhesive that is suitable for the surface you are planning to tile and the type of tiles to be used.

What is Tile Adhesive?

Tile adhesive is available in pre-prepared mixed forms that are ready to use or a powder form tile adhesive that you can mix yourself. For convenience, the ready mixed tile adhesive is the easiest to use. Most tile adhesive products are water resistant for use with ceramic tiles in showers, bathrooms or kitchens. It is worth choosing a rapid drying tile adhesive as some will dry quickly, meaning you can use the tiled area again very soon, which is important in bathrooms and kitchens. Many tile adhesive mixes are combined meaning you can use the tile adhesive to grout the tiling as well. For kitchen and bathroom use it is best to use a tile adhesive with built-in resistance to mould as this will then withstand the frequent moisture of these areas.

What is Plastic Glue?

Plastic glue is ideal for all sorts of DIY jobs, it is a strong clear adhesive that dries rapidly. Plastic glue is great for repairs to guttering, uPVC window frames and plastic piping. When you use plastic glue ensure surfaces to be glued are clean and dry, then once the plastic glue is strongly set leave for 12 hours to achieve a strong bond. PVA bond is a product that can be used to prime a wall before tiling starts, PVA bond can also be used as a general purpose adhesive. PVA bond is often mixed with other products to add flexibility.Wood glue is a great product to have in your toolkit, it is suitable for repairs on all types of wood. Wood glue is solvent free and dries to a clear finish.

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