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The ideal finishing touch to any and every room in the home, Chamfered Skirting is one of the most choices for interior design in the UK. Simple and elegant in design to enable it to blend harmoniously with any décor, this skirting will hide unsightly plasterwork and joins between the floor and bottom of the wall for a neat finish every time.

What is Chamfered Skirting?

A common sight in many homes thanks to its versatile and simplistic design, Chamfered Skirting has a single angled edge towards the top of the board which gives it a subtle, soft appearance that really works visually and is often chosen not only to hide untidy surfaces but also to protect the bottom of the wall from knocks and scuffing, particularly ideal in family homes with young children and pets! MDF Chamfered Skirting is hard wearing and simple to install and can be painted in a colour of your choice to go with your overall décor. Chamfered Skirting made from MDF is also resistant to twisting, warping and splitting and free from natural defects for a totally smooth appearance.

Making a Choice

Chamfered Skirting can make a huge difference to the finished effect in your home’s décor, so taking some time to choose the right skirting board to suit the space is recommended. Chamfered Skirting is the ideal solution for joining gaps between the wall and floor and is very easy to keep clean once fitted too. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional in style, Chamfered Skirting will fit right in due to its simple elegance and neat design. Opt for unfinished Chamfered Skirting to add the exact colour and finish you require, or a primed option that requires no further decoration.

Chamfered Skirting can be used in any room of the home, for a neat finishing touch.

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