Different Patio Designs

Bradstone Old Town Paving Slab Weathered Limestone 2 Ring Circle Kit


Choosing the right patio design for your home, office or commercial building, is absolutely essential. There is a huge range of different patio designs out there to choose from, so we have narrowed down the best, most popular and therefore the highest recommended, just for you, making life a lot easier when it comes to choosing your favourite patio design. The right patio design can do so much for you and your property. If you are a homeowner, different patio designs can do a lot for increasing the value of your home; the right patio can end up paying for itself in the long run when it comes time to sell your property. We have a wide range of different patio designs. Take your time browsing to ensure you have the right one for you.

Different Designs

We have different patio designs that will put control of your patio in your hands. For example, we have the Bradstone Riverwashed Limestone Steel Grey Patio Kit, which allows you to place each piece of patio how you wish. This is possible because the Bradstone Patio kit comes with different sized slabs, giving you the option to put them how and where you wish. This means it has its own unique finish, giving the illusion that it has had water running over it.

All of our different patio designs are guaranteed to last you a long period of time, given they are correctly maintained. Our patios are made from the highest quality materials, and each patio design will give your home a unique finish. As well, you have such a large range of designs to choose from, both modern designs as well as rustic, you could even mix the two. Each different patio design complements your home accordingly, some of our patio designs are also handcrafted, for a subtle and unique finish, and ensuring that each slab is made to the highest standard of quality. Giving your home the best possible patio design for your money.

Our different patio designs are created and designed to complement each individual contemporary or rustic feel you wish your home to have. Our patios are sourced from the best manufacturers in the UK, as mentioned before, some have even been delicately handcrafted to the highest standards, ensuring that your patio needs are met, and your home has increased both its value as well as its quality. Buying a beautifully crafted patio design from us will be money well spent and will ensure you live happier in your home knowing you have the best of the best, coming with a guarantee to last.

Bradstone Natural Sandstone Paving Fossil Buff


With all the fantastic features and benefits our different patio designs can offer you, why not choose us for your next patio project? Increase the beauty, the quality and the monetary value of your home, Increase the functionality of your home by building yourself a lovely smooth barbecue area, fit for hosting the most lavish of summer barbeques and get-togethers. Impress your guests by having the best patio on the block with our patio designs!

The Benefits of Having a Patio

One of the many questions people ask themselves when deciding on their patio needs is what exactly are the benefits of having a patio rather than grass or gravel? Here are some of the benefits of choosing patio for your ideal garden: having a patio instead of lawn can highly increase the value of your home, a patio can extend the living space of your home to the outdoors area, and it contributes to entertaining guests and friends. Patios are also far lower maintenance than having grass or gravel, as there is no need to mow the lawn or replace broken or dirty gravel. Simply keep the patio clean by spraying the hose over it, and use the occasional bit of de-weeder. Other benefits include; patios retain heat, and therefore feel much warmer in the evening and those slightly colder months and they also create a pleasant and relaxing area to wind down on a warm summer evening.


Patios are extremely durable. The patio materials used here are extremely durable and are made to withstand those harsh winter months, through rain and snow, however, a patio is very easy to reinforce, so your mind is extra calm and at ease.

Bradstone Peak Riven Paving Patio Slabs Grey


Aesthetic Benefits

Aesthetic benefits to choosing a patio over grass is that patios are more contemporary and stylish, and give you a whole new range of possibilities when it comes to designing your outdoor area.

Our patios are the perfect option for your home! There is really no way you can go wrong; all you can expect from patio designs for your garden is an increase in everything! Like a big boost of power to your home! Increased durability, price and entertainment, what more could you possibly want?

Our patio designs have everything you could possibly need, with a wide range of both contemporary and rustic, dark rile or light tile, cream or grey, we have it all! So choose your patio design with us, and have peace of mind, knowing you’ve chosen the best for your home.