White Primed Doors


Deanta Doors is one of our best-selling brands of high quality interior doors offering a great selection of white primed doors at great prices. Browse our range of white Deanta Doors below to find the right one for you. 

Deanta white primed doors offer a solid core for extra strength and stability. These bold and modern doors work particularly well in contemporary styled rooms.  These white primed doors are timeless and incredibly versatile as they can be finished in any way you wish. When simply varnished, white primed doors are the perfect addition to any style of room, making small and dark rooms feel larger and brighter. Our white primed doors may also be painted any colour of your choosing, perfect for more contemporary styles and allowing you to match them with existing décor. 

Choosing Your Daneta White Primed Door

Here at Building Supplies Online we have many styles of Deanta white primed doors for you to choose from, including panel doors such as the Deanta Eton White Primed Door and glazed doors as seen here with the Deanta Coventry Glazed White Primed Door.  Our range of internal glazed doors includes both full and half glazed doors, clear and obscured glazed doors.  Internal glazed doors are perfect for letting light into a room whilst still maintaining some privacy, such as our Deanta Rochester Glazed Interior White Primed Door.  We also offer a number of fire doors that provide up to 30 minutes of protection from smoke and fire, ensuring the safety of your home without compromising on looks as seen here.

Our interior doors come in a range of heights, widths and thicknesses meaning they will be a perfect fit for any home. Deanta Doors also have an 18mm lipping so they can be trimmed to your required size. They are also covered by Deanta Door’s 10-year warranty, however with their solid core structure they are strong, durable and long lasting.

Installing Your Daneta White Primed Door

When planning your door installation, take a look at our guide on standard door sizes to assist you in ordering the right size door for your living space. If you would like additional information regarding our range of doors do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Building Supplies Online.

Once you have chosen the door for you, you can also check out our range of handles, hinges and lining to begin installing your white Deanta Door as soon as possible. 

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