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While door frames are usually used on external doors, for internal purposes Door Lining Kits are the most suitable option to really finish the look off and can be chosen for external purposes too.

A Door Lining Kit provides everything needed to prevent internal and external doors from sticking or jamming, while creating a neat and tidy finish by concealing brickwork or woodwork around the door itself.

Why Choose a Door Lining Kit?

For newly created doorways on extensions and similar, it will be necessary to fit a door lining to create a perfectly aligned frame to hang a door. Door Lining Kits can also be used to replace damaged, rotten or misaligned lining, to create an attractive finish.

When safety is paramount and to adhere to the necessary building regulations regarding fire doors, appropriate fire door lining should be installed. From fire door lining to softwood door lining, all of our Door Lining Kits are of the highest quality to ensure a superior finish in every situation, with a door lining kit suitable for every eventuality.

How to Fit?

Whether choosing external door lining or opting for a Door Lining Kit for an interior door, our range of Door Lining Kits make installation as straightforward as possible, enabling the job to be completed by a competent DIY enthusiast.

The trick is to fit the door lining perfectly and really take your time over the job, so that the door can be hung straight and completely in line with the frame.

If the door lining does not fit perfectly then it will cause the door to be difficult to close and at risk of damage and it will eventually need replacing, so this is best avoided by closely following installation instructions or leaving the job to a skilled tradesperson.

Browse our range of Door Lining Kits to find the most suitable solution for your project.

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