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At Building Supplies Online we have a large range of Skirting Board products.

Using a Skirting board you can attractively join the gap between walls and the floor and depending on the style of Skirting Board chosen you can really make a huge difference to the look of your rooms A deeper skirting board is more suitable for rooms with higher ceilings, therefore, your choice of Skirting Board may depend on the height of your room. Our Skirting board range can be matched or coordinated with your choice of architrave to make a real statement to your chosen room. Skirting board and timber mouldings are available in many designs and different woods to fit into any colour or decor scheme.

Why is there Skirting Board on Walls?

Since we are very much used to seeing them in our home, I expect few have ever actually asked, why do I need Skirting Boards. Regardless, here at Building Supplies Online, we thought we would answer the question. There are three main reasons that Skirting Board is necessary;


Skirting boards protect your walls from the usual knocks and scrapes that the walls of your home shave to put up with, whether that's from brooms, vacuums or moving furniture around. a physical barrier that creates a space between your saves your wall from being damaged or the paint being scratched or damaged. When pushing furniture into the corner of a room Skirting Board Prevents it from coming into contact with the wall which again protects the wall itself.


Skirting boards are historically quite decorative and intricate additions to a home, making sure that your skirting fits the decor of your home can make a room stand out. As well as the skirting board itself being decorative, skirting board also hides the gap between your floor and wall, masking any uneven floorboards and ensuring that your wall and floor fit flush with each other, creating that seamless transition that homeowners are used too.

Keeping wood and masonry apart

Because bricks are porous, they let in a certain amount of moisture. This is not an issue when your home is correctly ventilated and allows for drainage holes in the motor to relieve exterior walls of the built-up moisture. But interior walls when directly touching the floorboards can cause moisture to seep into the wood, allowing rot to slowly take hold, skirting board prevents this. Skirting board acts as a barrier between the wall and floor which stops this process and therefore prevents this happening.

Choosing Your Skirting Board

Skirting board and timber mouldings are very popular in pine as they can be waxed, stained, varnished or painted to compliment your decor allowing a personalised and unique finish to your room. A wooden skirting board is especially good where you have wooden floors as they continue the warm finish. A popular style for a wooden skirting board is with a chamfered profile edging. Below are examples of our range here at Building Supplies Online but please take a look at our Mouldings section for other skirting accessories that you may require. Our range of skirting board benefit from engineered construction for added strength, stability and performance.

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