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Sliding Bedroom Doors

Creating a sleek, minimal and linear look with everything in its place, Sliding Bedroom Doors are the storage solution that dreams are made of. Gently sliding open and closed on runners for easy access to the contents within, when closed the doors create a neat impression, hiding a wealth of storage space for clothes, shoes and other bedroom accessories within.

Our Range

Whatever style and size of bedroom you have, there is a Sliding Bedroom Doors solution to suit. A small sliding door may be the best choice for a compact space, helping to keep things orderly and maximising on the room’s storage potential, while standard size sliding doors can be fitted in most situations. Choose from various styles within our range of Sliding Bedroom Doors too, including mirror-fronted, timber framed and shaker-style, ensuring that no matter your bedroom décor, there is a sliding door to suit. Mirror-fronted, for example, are a great choice for making small bedrooms feel a lot bigger, while the frames can be chosen in line with current trends and decor preferences.

How to Fit?

Sliding Bedroom Doors are relatively simple to fit when you have the know-how and this is a project that can be completed by a competent DIY enthusiast, with full installation instructions included with your purchase. Whether you choose a white sliding door or one of the many others from our comprehensive range of Sliding Bedroom Doors, all the runners and tracks needed for installation will be included. Simply measure the space, cut to size and screw the tracks and runners in place before fitting the wardrobe doors securely into place.

Create the wardrobe space of your dreams today and ensure that everything has its place in the bedroom with Sliding Bedroom Doors that create a sense of harmony in this most relaxing of rooms.

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