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Living Room Doors


We offer a variety of Living Room Doors, that are suitable for various styles and tastes; from traditional to contemporary.

A living room is somewhere that is typically bright, welcoming and spacious, therefore, a bi-folding door or pocket door may also be suitable to create a more open environment.

Living room doors will enhance your home and complement your interior design.

How much do inside doors cost?

An interior door can cost anywhere between £60 - £300. Things that can change the price of the door can be the material it's made from or what kind of core it has. For example, a living room glass door will cost more than a veneer version of that door.

Our Range

With a wide range of living room doors to choose from, you can choose by colour, style and material. Here at Building Supplies online we have a number of diffeent colours to offer including grey and ivory. As well as this we have doors made from Oak, Walnut and Pine which work pefectly in a contemporary home. We also stock both glazed and unglazed options.

Our living room doors are all manufactured by top class brand including LPD Doors, JB Kind Doors, XL Joinery and Deanta Doors. 

Living room doors represent a critical aspect of any design project as they will make a real impact to your home. If you are planning on selling your home this first impression is so important and worth the investment into quality living room doors.

Taking time to explore our range of living room doors to see which type of door will suit your home interior the best.

If you need additional help with your living room door installation, please find our handy guide on standard door sizes. Should you wish to buy any of our products or if you would like additional information regarding our living room doors please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on our live chat. All our products are available for delivery across the UK.

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