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Black Front Doors

Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green it seems homeowners are choosing every colour on the colour wheel to paint their front doors, but have you considered a Black front door? According to surveys by simply painting your door Black you could add thousands to the value of your home.

Why Choose a Black Front Door?

There is always an on-trend colour for the season, but it is important to pick a colour for your front door that will stand the test of time. Is there a colour more classic than Black? A black front door is said to set the scene for a home that is well ordered, sophisticated and elegant, the famous No 10 being a prime example. Possibly explaining why Black Front Doors UK are amongst the 5 most popular.

First impressions are everything, and a strong bold front door such as a Black front door could make all the difference when selling your home, Estate agents say that prospective buyers will often make impressions the moment they set sights on your home, making the front door your first hurdle. Updating your exterior doors before you put your home on the market could be the difference between thousands of pounds on the asking price and a quick sale.

Making a Choice

So, with all that pressure of potentially adding money to your home how do you make the right choice? It’s worth considering your location, natural wood may best compliment a country home, while owners often brave the bright and bold tones for terraced townhouses. Also, consider other colours on the exterior of your home.

So, do you go bold and bright or classic and muted? While bright colours add a splash of fun and character, they will never appeal to everyone, if you want to play it safe Black Exterior doors are the way to go! According to Feng Sui a Black front door conjures protective, solid energy. You could choose a very traditional style door or a super modern design, the beauty of black is that it will suit any style, it can look traditional, or it can look contemporary.

Who would have thought the colour of your front door could make such an impact? In summary, if you are looking for a front door that gives a strong, bold, timeless impression, that could potentially help sell your home, then chose a black front door. 

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