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Frosted Glazing


Frosted Glazing brings transparency and elegance to a property. Frosted glazing is a decorative glass option, that allows light to flow throughout, without having to sacrifice privacy.

Frosted glazed doors are ideal for bathrooms, though they would also look brilliant throughout a property.

Our Range

With a wide range of frosted glazed internal doors to choose from, you can choose by colour, style and material.  All our frosted glazed doors are available in white. Our range of modern oak and walnut frosted glazed doors are exceptional and work perfectly in a modern contemporary home design.

Taking time to explore our range of frosted glazed internal doors to see which type of door will suit your homes interior the best.

When planning your frosted glazed door installation, take a look at our handy guide onstandard doors sizes to make sure you are ordering the correct frosted glazed door. When it comes to choosing frosted glazed internal doors, our beautiful range of quality contemporary interior doors will complement the look you are planning to achieve.

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