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Door Stopper

A Door Stopper is a great addition to assist the performance of your chosen door by protecting its exterior and having the ability to stopping the door from slamming. 

Ideal for either newly installed or pre-existing internal doors, a Door Stopper will prevent marking, denting and cosmetic damage on walls and handles as well as the prevention of a forced open or close on glazed doors with glass in it. Our Door Stopper selection are all compatible with Building Supplies Online's very own selection of internal doors.

When people want a Door Stopper to prop a door open or prevent a door slamming, they might just use an old fashioned wedge made of rubber or wood. They might even improvise a Door Stopper from a heavy object pushed into place.

A properly designed Door Stopper is worth having as an accessory for your door. At Building Supplies Online we have a range of Door Stoppers, of different types, in attractive designs, that can perform a variety of functions.

Why would you use a door stopper?

There are a range of reasons why you might want to use a door stopper

  • Door Stopper is useful to hold your door open if you want free access to your room, or to help air circulation through your home.
  • A Door Stoppercan prevent doors damage to your door, walls, or door frame by preventing the door slamming shut or swinging open to far. A Door Stopper can also prevent damage to furniture placed in the arch of space that the door would swing into.
  • By stopping doors slamming shut or banging into walls a door stopper can help prevent loud noises and help create a quite environment for your home.
  • Door Stopper can increase your home security by preventing your door being forced open too far by potential intruders.
  • A soft close Door Stopper can provide a fashionable, stylish accessory for your door and room.
  • By preventing damage to your door, floor, and door frame a door stopper can save you money, time, and work by helping to prevent the need for repairing or replacing damaged doors and frames, and helping to prevent the need to re-paint, re-plaster, or re-paper your walls.

Advantages of a purpose designed door stopper

We have a selection of purpose designed Door Stopper made from high quality materials and at great value prices. So why use an old fashioned wedge Door Stopper, or improvise an ineffective door stopper, when you can have a purpose designed door stopper for less than £1.50 from our high quality range?

  • An old fashioned wedge shaped Door Stopper works by jamming under the door and can scratch or damage both your floor and the underside of the door if made from a hard material like wood or metal. This kind of door stopper can also mark the door and floor if made from a softer material such as rubber. In contrast a purpose designed Door Stopper such as those from our range works by providing a cushioned buffer, or a magnetic hold, so will not damage your door or floor in that way.
  • A modern Door Stopper from our range can be fixed in place, to the floor, the door, or to the wall. It won’t go missing, or need awkwardly pushing into place, like an old fashioned, or improvised door stopper.
  • A modern Door Stopper fixed in place is more secure that an old fashioned or improvised door stopper that is liable to slip.

Our door stopper range

Our range of Door Stopper includes products that work in a variety of ways.

  • We have a number of buffer-style Door Stop. This type of door stopper is fixed to the floor in the appropriate position with a rubber buffer that stops your door being opened too far. This stops the door swinging too far open and potentially damaging your walls, but does so in a way that cushions and does not damage the door itself.
  • The wall mounter magnetic holder style Door Stopper consists of two magnetic sections with one each fixed to the door and opposing wall. When your door is opened fully these sections connect so that the magnet holds the door open. The magnets can be easily disconnected by pulling the door shut when you want the Door Stopper to stop working and the door to close.
  • Our range includes the hinge style Door Stopper that fixes to the top of the door and above the door frame. This hinge Door Stopper prevents the door slamming shut by ensuring that it closes softly when the door is released. The hinge Door Stopper can also be fixed with the hinge open to hold the door open and allow easily access to your room.
  • For pocket doors we also offer a soft-close Door Stop. This door stopper prevents damage to your sliding pocket doors and door frame by ensuring that when the door is slides closed it does so gently and without banging.

All of the Door Stopper choices in our range are high quality products, made from hard wearing, durable materials including zinc alloy, stainless steel, solid plastic, and durable rubber. They are designed products, so the right door stopper can provide a modern, sleek look to your room as well as being a functional accessory. Our range includes Door Stopper choices of different sizes, and styles, and at prices suitable for every budget. So you are sure to find a great value door stopper to suit your needs from our range.

Choosing A Door Stopper

At Building Supplies Online, we have a great number of Door Stopper options for you. Our Door Stopper choices are in a nice chrome metallised finish of which will not draw attention to itself and blend in with your door and decor nicely. A Door Stopper can be either floor or wall mounted depending on your personal preference and the specification of your chosen product.

A wall mounted door stopper gives you the further added benefit of keeping the door held back purposely as well as the general preventing of slams and damage and works by using a magnetic adhesion mechanism. A floor mounted door stopper is just a simple piece combination of rubber and chrome of which is installed breaking the travel of the door when opened preventing the force with the wall.

If you would like further advice or have a question on a Door Stopper product, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by e-mail, telephone or by joining us on live-chat. All our products at Building Supplies Online are available for delivery across the UK.

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