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Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors


A Pocket Door is a perfect solution to ‘dead’ space, they enable you to freely use all of the space available on your property.

If you’re designing a new build home, or renovating or re-modelling your existing home, there are great reasons for fitting a pocket door. Instead of swinging open into a room like a standard door, a pocket door slides along a purpose built runner system to be concealed within your wall and creating a clear, uninterrupted space between rooms.

A pocket door helps to maximise the space within a room so it is a great option for small rooms in particular. Because a pocket door doesn’t open by swinging into your room it takes up no room space when opening. That means you can use that space that would normally be needed for clearance for the door for furniture instead, or simply to enjoy and spread out in. This is especially useful as closet bathrooms and en-suite bathrooms become more popular, making the most of smaller rooms to increase the number of bathrooms in your home. A pocket door can make this possible in a small room that wouldn’t normally fit your bathroom furniture if you needed to leave standard door clearance.

By avoiding the need for wall space that a standard, swinging door would open into a pocket door frees up extra wall space where you can place furniture and still access it easily without it being obstructed by an open door.

A pocket door allows you to connect adjoining rooms to allow you to quickly and easily create a larger space when needed but keep the option of a smaller, more intimate rooms as well. This is a great option if you enjoy welcoming guests to your home so want to be able to join up your lounge and dining room to entertain or seat larger numbers but you also want to have a more comfortable, smaller space when it’s just the family for dinner. A pocket door can also work well in a professional setting where you want to be able to convert separate offices into a larger space for holding meetings or conferences. And this convenience of joining then separating adjoining rooms is ideal for home cooking enthusiasts who use their pocket door to create a kitchen-diner for meal times, but have the two rooms discreet when you’re doing other kitchen jobs. Because a pocket door doesn’t interrupt the flow of space between rooms joined in this way it also allows you to create a complementary look, and continuous decorations, across both spaces.

Alternatively a pocket door can help you to divide an existing large room to create two smaller ones while still having access between them. This can be an affordable way to add a bedroom to your home, for instance, if your family increases in size and you need another bedroom or a nursery, if you take on caring responsibilities for a family member or relative, or if you want to increase the value of your home by increasing the number of bedrooms.

A pocket door is also an attractive, stylish option that many people enjoy for the style it can bring to your rooms. The smooth opening motion of a pocket door, and the way it avoids obstructing the flow of space in a room, helps to create a modern, minimalist style that is increasingly popular.

Fitting a pocket door is now increasingly affordable and easy to do. The pocket door sets in our great range provide all the furniture and fittings that you need to install a pocket door, and the modern materials used in our high quality products mean that a pocket door can now provide the same level of privacy and noise insulation as standard doors. So anyone can fit a pocket door when choosing from our value for money range.

What is a Pocket Door?

A Pocket Door is one that slides back inside the wall. The system is made up of a steel pocket which replaces the stud work and is plasterboarded over to form the wall. The running track is at the top and there are no tracks on the floor.

They achieve this by creating an ‘envelope’ that the door slides into, allowing the door to hide within the wall cavity. This effortless system brings adjoining rooms together with no hassle. When constructing a new build, pocket door systems are definitely worth considering for ensuite bathrooms as a great space-saving solution. They arrive in self-assembly kit but the pocket door kit needs a professional carpenter or joiner to install them. Building Supplies Online provide pocket door systems and kits for delivery across the UK when you order online.

We stock a variety of different width pocket doors and a good selection pocket doors at varying heights, in brands such as JB Kind, Hafele and XL Joinery.

Did you know?

Slide pocket doors free much more than 8% dead space in the average home. Sliding pocket doors give you the freedom to use all the space in your home. Popular pocket doors that we currently stock include Hafele pocket hideaway door systems for 1 door or the JB Kind single pocket door system For more information on pocket doors or if you wish to purchase please do not hesitate to contact us today.

When planning your door installation, take a look at our guide on standard door sizes to make sure you are ordering the correct door. If you would like additional information regarding our range of doors do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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