Double vs Single Bowl Sinks

The kitchen sink is an important and heavily used item in the household. In any given day, the kitchen sink is used to prep meals, repeatedly wash hands, and used for washing up. As a homeowner, there are lots of big decisions to make. One of these decisions is the number of sink bowls you will use in the kitchen.

Posted on 12th June 2019, 2 minute read

Rangemaster Keyhole 1 Bowl Brushed Stainless Steel Sink - Reversible


This is an ongoing debate, there are those who are for double bowl sinks - they argue that the double sink serves to provide separate areas for clean/soapy dishes and dirty dishes. The counter-argument for those who are for single bowl sinks is that - aesthetically, a minimalist kitchen with a larger single basin is preferred as many people now use dishwashers.

There are many different styles and options to choose from to suit any home or design preference. Both a single bowl and a double bowl have their own pros and cons. It is a good idea to think through your options thoroughly before deciding whether a double or single bowl sink would suit your home.

Single Bowl Sinks

A single bowl sink has 1 large basin with no divider. Some single sinks are also supplied with a deeper basin to allow for more cleaning space. Single sinks are popular, especially in smaller kitchens, as they increase counter space and reduce clutter. They are a minimalist style with clean lines that add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. A single bowl sink is also larger than one of the double bowl basins. This would make it easier to clean those larger dishes and pans well and create less mess.

Double Bowl Sinks

A double sink is preferred by homeowners who like to multitask in the kitchen, and are preferred by those who wash dishes by hand. For the keen chef, you can also carry out food prep tasks on one side, like washing vegetables, thawing meat, or draining pasta while the other side is left for dirty dishes and washing up.

Our range of Sinks

We carry a range of high-quality single bowl, and double bowl sinks and they are supplied in a range of styles, sizes, and materials. The kitchen sinks we carry are supplied by superior manufacturers such as Blanco, Franke, SMEG, Grohe, Rangemaster, and Reginox.

There is a range of different materials to choose from, and you should consider aspects such as heat resistance, durability, and weight. Whether you are looking for a stainless-steel sink, metallic sink, or ceramic sink, we have a wide selection to choose from in a variety of colours.

We also supply left-handed or right-handed sinks as well as reversible sinks, so you can choose which side you would like the drainer placed based on your preferences. While most of our sinks are rectangular or square, we also have sink options for those looking for more circular sink bowls or a corner sink bowl.

You might want to add some accessories to your kitchen sink such as a waste kit which we carry as well.

In terms of installation and maintenance, the difference between single and double bowl sinks is minimal. Both types of sinks are supported in the same way, and the only difference in the installation is with the plumbing. Single bowl sinks will have one drain whereas double bowl sinks have two drains that need connecting to each other.

Faucet placement also needs to be considered for double bowl sinks, whereas a single only requires water for one bowl. There is no real ongoing maintenance for the sinks, and if there is, it is usually related to the material used in the sink and plumbing work.

If you are still unsure whether you want a single bowl or double bowl sink in your kitchen, then it will come down to your personal choice, work patterns in the kitchen, and the amount of space you have available. You can also consider the following:

  • Do you use a dishwasher or wash your dishes by hand more?
  • How often do you do the dishes?
  • What do you do with the larger items?
  • How much food prep do you do?
  • How much counter space do you have and will a single or double sink bowl be more appealing visually?

Ultimately everyone is different, and every kitchen is different. It is important that you keep this in mind as you weigh the pros and cons about whether you will choose a single bowl sink or a double bowl sink for your kitchen. The way each person prepares their meals and tidies up after is what matters and how you work in your kitchen is what is important in your home. As the homeowner or primary kitchen user, you should choose a sink style that best suits your needs.