Fence Paint Colours

Having a garden space outside should be an extension of your home, not an eyesore for the family. It is important to create a warm and welcoming exterior space.

Using fence paint colours to create a different style is a cheap and easy method to renovate your garden. A change of colour can transform your outdoor space from tired to something fresh and unique that you can enjoy all year round. Look at the colours you already have in your garden with the paving and plants and find a shade that compliments the area.

Are you a homeowner looking to renovate your garden? Have you just moved home and are wanting to change the style of your garden? Have you been hired by someone to modernise their garden? Whoever you are, we guarantee that the range of fence paint colours that we have available at Building Supplies Online will feature a colour that will suit your needs. These include:

  • Natural basic wood effect colours, which can be a light or dark wood effect
  • Blacks and Whites
  • Colourful options - reds, blues and greens


In terms of practicality, by adding fence paints you are also creating a long-lasting coat that is weather resistant and durable. It is important that the paint can be aesthetically pleasing as well as a worthwhile time investment.

As well as this, it is an affordable way to change the feel of your garden costing between £6 and £8 for a 5L tub.

If you don’t have much time, this is not an issue as we have quick dry paints and you can make the process itself more fun by painting with a family member or friends.

When you have the paint you can make it into an activity and remember changing your garden with your loved ones.

Colour Ideas

Changing the aesthetic of your garden shouldn’t be seen as a job, but a fun project and a way to discover a more creative part of your personality. You can change your garden to a new and more modern style by adding colour. There are a number of different situations which may determine which colour is for you:

  • If you want to change the look of an outdoor space surrounding a workplace then muted grey tones are stylish and professional and create a more serious look. For this kind of look, you could use more contemporary colours such as greys, blacks and whites. The Ronseal Fence Life Plus - Charcoal Grey is a great example of one available on our website!
  • If you want to create a child-friendly, fun environment then bright primary colours are the perfect route to go down. Ronseal and Cromar are the main paint suppliers for our website and they both provide brighter colours such as blues and reds.
  • As well as using bright colours for fun, they could also be used to create a stand out fence or a focal point of your outside area! You could even use a variety of colours! Creating patterns is a fun possibility with a wide range of colours we offer and the ease of painting a fence!
  • If you want a more natural look, then it is important to stick with browns or a wooden theme; or you could go in the direction of greens to match the foliage of the garden. To create this kind of look we have more earthy colours such as the Ronseal One Coat Dark Oak or the Cromar Green.
  • When choosing the colour, you should take into account if the garden is exposed to natural sunlight or whether it is based in the shade. If your garden experiences constant natural light, then brighter and warmer colours would bring out a welcoming environment. Whereas if the fence is based in a shaded area, then more dull and muted tones would blend in more.

What are you looking for?

Manufactures of these fence paints have allowed you to change your garden’s aesthetic with the DIY aspect, lowering costs and increasing the ease of use.

In order to get the most out of your fence paint, you need to be careful when painting the fence that it’s not raining or forecasted to rain. The paint needs a minimum of one hour to dry then ideally it shouldn’t be exposed to moisture for as long as possible.

Fence paint is perfect for anyone who is looking to completely change the look of their garden. As well as this, if you choose a colour that doesn’t work, then it is easy to try another colour by painting over. That is the beauty of paint, it can be both long-lasting but is also easily replaced. Due to the low costs, it would not be a big waste of money to redo.

If anything mentioned here has resonated with your wants and needs, then have a look on our website for the fence paint we offer and please get in touch if you require any more guidance.