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When its time for planning your choice of flooring, many people are now favouring laminate options due to their practical nature and sleek look.

Choosing your Wood Effect Laminate Flooring

We offer a very wide range of laminate flooring, oak laminate flooring and vinyl flooring, giving you all the elegance and allure of real wood but with easy maintenance and fast fit technology. Durable and scratch resistant, dent resilient and waterproof, our laminate flooring can completely transform the look of your living spaces, whether you choose to fit right your vinyl wood flooring throughout your home for a cohesive look, or are in need of a robust and stylish laminate flooring for a single room.

Regardless of your choice of furnishings and decor, we have a laminate floor perfect for your living spaces, ideal for a traditional lounge or contemporary kitchen, a compact hallway or expansive living room. Whatever your requirement, our vinyl wood flooring will add unmatched elegance and style.

With brands available from suppliers such as Pro Click and Boden, our vinyl flooring and vinyl wood flooring offers super easy installation using the locking system and can be used in most domestic situations. Laminate flooring is particularly popular for high moisture areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, cloakrooms or hallways. Secure and waterproof, our laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are the natural choices where real wood flooring cannot be used and where trouble free-up keep is a high priority.

You can choose from light, medium or dark wood effect laminate floor styles, or for a fresh, dramatic effect why not chose our black brushed stone vinyl floor or black slate vinyl flooring? Our light laminate flooring is especially suitable for more compact areas, adding a sense of space, our medium hue laminate flooring will add warmth and chic to any domestic environment. Vinyl wood flooring is the ultimate low maintenance product that can compliment any decor, whether acting as a backdrop to contemporary setting or more traditional decorative style.

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