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Solid Wood Flooring

When you are seeking that ultimate touch of elegance and quality, nothing beats the look and feel of real wood flooring for the rooms in your home.

Is Wood Flooring right for your home?

Luxurious solid wood flooring can add a real touch of indisputable class and become the key feature in any living space. Authentic solid wood or hardwood flooring gives unparalleled warmth and allure with the ability to blend seamlessly into a more modern living area or a timeless, more traditional scheme.

Genuine solid wood flooring brings the beauty of nature right into your home, whilst remaining a practical and hard-wearing option. Nothing says luxury like the grain, texture and feel of real wood flooring, our premium ranges from Boden and Basix are high performance solid wood floors and come either pre-oiled or ready UV lacquered, to prevent wear and fading. Some options like stroven wood bamboo flooring is particularly water resistant so a perfect solid wood flooring option for more moisture intense areas like kitchens.

Choosing your Wood Flooring

Our oak wood flooring and hardwood flooring planks are available in a variety of lengths and widths, with a colour and finish to suit any style of home. Oak wood flooring packs with random length planks would make the perfect project if you are looking for that ultimate natural, rustic floor choice. All our solid wood flooring is quickly and easily assembled through a tongue and groove system, allowing each plank to be secured together making a single flat surface.

All our hardwood flooring is designed to be robust and resilient, capable of withstanding the rigours of the higher traffic areas of your home. Options include real wood flooring now suitable for high humidity areas and solid wood flooring usable for areas with underfloor heating. Should any damage occur, a quick re-sand and re-finish to your real wood floor will bring the surface back to it's original glory, and guarantee you will continue to have a beautiful solid wood floor for many years to come.

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