How to Cheer Up Tired Garden Furniture with Garden Paint

Is your wooden garden furniture beginning to look a bit dull and tired? Do not dispose of it in haste; if it is not actually falling apart, do not retire it yet. By giving it a simple makeover, you could give it a completely new lease of life, whilst saving yourself money.

Posted on 18th June 2019, 2 minute read

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A touch of garden furniture paint or wood stain could really revamp your weathered patio furniture and add some colour and style to your outdoor area. It can make a dramatic difference and is well worth the effort.

With very little work and skill, you could have your garden furniture looking like new in next to no time!

Our Range

We supply outdoor wood paint and stains from leading manufacturers like Ronseal and Cuprinol. There is an extensive selection of different coloured wood paints and stains available, ranging from natural, subtle shades to wild and bright ones that will liven up even the dreariest of gardens.

You may decide to go for a contemporary, modern look with a neutral, earthy tone such as Ronseal Garden Paint Warm Stone – 2.5L or a vibrant colour to brighten up your outdoor space like Cuprinol Garden Shades – Sweet Sundae – 1L.

To keep it looking classic and traditional, opt for a simple wood stain like Cuprinol Softwood & Hardwood Garden Furniture Stain – Oak 750ml that will enhance the natural wood look of your patio furniture.

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Paint or Stain

Whether you decide to choose a colour of paint or opt for a wood stain that lifts the original colour, with our extensive range you will be sure to find one to suit your taste and your garden.

Wood paints and stains are not just for garden furniture; they are extremely versatile and are able to use on any outdoor wooden items. If you are feeling extra creative, you could even choose a colour or stain to paint your garden shed, bird box or fence to coordinate.

Before you start, decide whether it is necessary to strip the original finish first. If so, a product such as Ronseal Garden Furniture Stripper – 750ml is extremely helpful. It is suitable for both softwood and hardwood, simple to use and works in just 30 minutes.

You then need to ensure that your furniture is clean, dry and free from any mould or green algae. It can easily be removed using a stiff brush and some soap and water if there is only a little. However, if there is a lot, it may be easier to blast off with a pressure washer. The furniture will then need to be left to dry out, before giving it a quick sanding with medium grade sandpaper. Once sanded, the furniture will require a final clean, and then you are good to go!

The wood paints and stains that we supply do not need a primer; you can paint them straight on to your clean, dry furniture, which saves time, effort and money. Paint on with a medium sized paint brush in the same direction as the wood grain. Some of our paints, such as Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback – Woodland Moss – 5L colours the wood, as well as preserving it and initially only requires one coat of paint. Therefore, your furniture could have a spruced up look in just a couple of hours!

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Many garden paints, like the Ronseal Garden Paint – Summer Sky – 2.5L are rainproof just 1 hour after applying and the colour will last for up to 5 years.

Products such as Cuprinol Ultimate Garden Wood Preserver – Golden Cedar – 4L will revitalise your garden furniture while keeping it looking natural. It also includes active ingredients that infiltrate the wood to preserve your garden furniture as well as to push back any rot and decay.

Garden paints and stains are designed specifically for outdoor use and once dry, will not only make your furniture look good, it will also resist the weather and the elements.

To ensure that you make the most out of your newly transformed garden furniture and to keep it looking better for longer, clean regularly with gentle products. Lightly sand the surface down now and again to prevent any mould from forming and ensure that you cover or store away the furniture during the winter months.

A garden is not complete without a place to sit and relax. Knowing that you have played a part in making your garden furniture look stylish for al fresco dining or just simply relaxing will make you feel great. You could always accessorise and add cushions to your seats for that extra comfort, coordinating them with the colour you choose.

Do not be tempted to join the ‘throw-away’ nation of today and revive your furniture instead! It is the ideal way to breathe new life into your garden furniture, protect it and even add a dash of colour at the same time.