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Water Filters

A kitchen Water filter system remove any impurities from water such as hardness and bacteria and gives you better quality water.

How do Water Filtration Systems work?

A water filtration system works by taking the water and then filtering it through the system and then is dispensed to be able to drink straight away. Installation of the Water filter is easy and inexpensive and is invaluable especially if you are in a hard water area. Can be installed under most sinks. The filter will produce high-quality drinking water and costs a fraction of bottled water.

Installation is simple and can be completed as a DIY job. It will involve mounting the water filter under the sink and connecting the tubing to your cold water pipe. Most water purifiers are designed to be installed in the extra hole in the sink but if this is occupied then you will have to drill another hole to install the water filter system. Secure the water filter system under the sink and then hook the kitchen water filter up to the sink and then connect to the water supply.

Maintaining the water purifier includes changing the filters usually twice a year especially if the water flow starts to change or there is a change in taste or there is an odour. The water purifier is economical to use. A water filtration system uses cartridges used to filter the water can reduce contaminants like nitrates, sodium, and fluoride and can be bought separately. These need to be replaced and can be bought from Building Supplies Online so we have all your water purifier needs catered for.

Choosing your Water Filtration System

By installing a water purifier it can make a big difference to your family’s health and the filtered water tastes delicious. Building Supplies Online stocks an under the sink filter and tank and stocks the cartridges you need to replace to keep great drinking water.

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