Do I need a she shed?

Is your house too noisy? Are people always asking you what’s for dinner or where things are? Do you wish you had somewhere quiet and calm to escape to? Well, it sounds like it’s high time that you got yourself a she shed! What is a she shed, you ask? It is the tranquil and stylish equivalent of the “man cave”.

Posted on 17th July 2019, 3 minute read

Yes, you too can have a hideout to retreat to. The best thing about a she shed is that you can decide exactly what you want to have inside it and who, if anyone, is allowed access to it. You might want to share your retreat with friends so that you can all enjoy cocktails in the garden or a group sewing session. Maybe even a book club.

What can I put in it?

If reading is your thing, you could deck out your she shed with a stylish bookshelf and relaxing chair, to create your own little reading nook, with a wonderful view of the garden, to boot.

Perhaps you are fed up of having to consider everyone else’s tastes and you want somewhere to watch TV in peace or listen to your favourite music. If so, a comfortable sofa or armchair in your she shed would be essential.

Maybe you want to use your shed as a quiet place to work, in which case, your own desk and office chair would be fantastic, along with some relaxing pastimes for when you need a break. Whatever you decide to do with your shed, getting power into it is very useful so that you can have some lighting and any other electrical appliances you might need for example:

  • TVs
  • Music Systems
  • Printers
  • Computers
  • Fridges

All of which are popular appliances often installed in she sheds.

What should I consider?

If you plan on having a desk, sofa or any other larger furniture in your she shed, you might want to think about investing in a shed with double doors so that you can move things in and out of it easily. Also, look at weight limits on the floors of your chosen shed to make sure that you can safely install all the items you would like.

Think about if you would like it to have lots of windows to let the light pour in or if you would prefer it to be more private and cosy. You might want to sit outside and enjoy the garden from the comfort of your shed.

If so, look for a she shed with an overhanging roof and deck area so that you can add a couple of chairs and a little table, maybe even some planters so that you can be surrounded by flowers. The charming 8 x 8 ft Forest Shiplap Hollington Summerhouse has a lovely little decked area where you can sit, whilst being shielded from the elements.

Why not go all out and install a fire pit outside your she shed so that you can while away the evenings with family and friends, sip on some good wine and toast a marshmallow or two, whilst keeping toasty yourself.

If you need to keep costs to a minimum, you could always convert an outbuilding you have already. Maybe you have a garden shed which could be spruced up by a lick of paint and a good clear out. Or maybe you have an outside utility which you could add double doors to and a few nice planters around the outside.

If you don’t have anything you could use or if you would rather invest in a new building, take a look at our garden buildings range. We can cater for all budgets and we have a large range of sizes. Our enormous 18ft x 13ft Forest Cheviot Log Cabin really is something special.

It will comfortably hold gym equipment, large items of furniture such as pool tables and day beds and it also has great head height – 2240mm worth – so you will feel a fantastic sense of space. If you don’t have much room to indulge in a she shed, we have the gorgeous 7 x 7 ft Forest Tongue & Groove Arlington Premium Corner Summerhouse, which will fit ever so neatly into a corner.

I’m sold! Where can I get my she shed?

We have a lovely selection of garden buildings that could be the perfect she shed. From stunning log cabins to beautiful summerhouses and even trusty sheds, your haven is just waiting to be discovered.

When you have decided on your building, we also have some finishing touches that you can use to turn it into your ideal hideout. We have outdoor paint in a range of gorgeous colours so that you can really put your own stamp on your she shed.

We also have garden planters that you can use to surround your den with floral accessories. We even have a range of garden furniture which you could place outside your shed or which can be used inside your she shed too.

Get your own she shed today and carve yourself out some guaranteed you time.