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Garden Pebbles & Cobbles

Looking for garden pebbles or cobbles? Naturally rounded and supplied by Tarmac, the UK’s leading sustainable manufacturers, they are sourced from glacial deposits, and raised beaches, making them completely natural and a sustainable option for those who are environmentally conscious.

The different choices offered give you many different ways of designing the entrance to your home, or your garden/patio area.

Building Supplies Online offers all these options at a great value, meaning it is accessible for people on any budget, transforming any drab outside area instantly to a modern and immersive step into nature.

What Pebbles and Cobbles are Available for you?

Highland Cobbles

If you’re looking for Cobbles for your patio or around water features, these large and smooth pebbles are perfect. Varying slightly in shades, with warm brown and sandy creams. They are a great option if you want them around ponds or fountains. The smooth surface makes them comforting to walk on and aesthetically pleasing.

River Washed Cobbles

Between 40-90mm, these Cobbles are a sandy, smooth colour that look elegant wet or dry, so are ideal for driveways, patios, tubs or any other water features. These Pebbles have a large structure meaning that they create air gaps between each, creating a permeable surface. Therefore in rainy conditions, the water is absorbed and the ground won’t flood.

Scottish Cobbles

These Cobbles are ideal for those who want an earthy palette to their garden; with rich red, grey and purple tones and a glossy finish when wet. These Pebbles give off the appearance of a riverbed, making the area look like you’re in the middle of a stream in the country-side, perfect for those who want their garden to have that natural element to it.

White Cobbles

For those wanting a bright atmosphere in their garden, these white Cobbles are a great alternative, with chunky white rocks that instantly give off a natural and light vibe wherever they are. Naturally rounded, they’ll make any area look sophisticated, elegant and modern.

Oyster Pearl Pebbles

These Pebbles are ideal if you want a natural environment, mimicking a riverbed, making it perfect for water features, with grey, cream and brown oyster pearl Pebbles, suitable for fish ponds. The large variety in the size and shapes of these Pebbles creates a rustic look for your garden, mimicking the look of Brighton beaches beauty.

Ryedale Pebbles

For a brighter appearance, the ryedale Pebbles are the most feasible option. Varying largely in shape and size, these pebbles are the model of natural, making you feel like you’re immersed in nature. They shine in the sun, and brighten the area even in winter, and look glossy and tactile when wet, they’re the perfect multipurpose pebbling for your outside area, no matter what for.

Tweed Pebbles

If you’re looking for a rougher look, the tweed pebbles are more rough and rugged. These look more naturally worn by wear, tear and time, with dark colours varying between brown and red, with the occasional flash of white to lighten the vibe. These pebbles are smaller than the other options, usually around 20mm in diameter.

Scottish Pebbles

The Scottish Pebbles are slightly larger than the tweed pebbles, with red, brown and grey undertones. They’re smooth to walk on, almost shining when wet. They give off a country-side vibe, making your garden look like you’ve just stepped into nature.

Why Should you Pebble your Garden, Patio or Driveway?

Pebbling your chosen area is a quick and easy option. Anyone can do it - you don’t have to be a DIY expert. It speaks for itself - it looks elegant no matter how you put it down.

There is such a wide variety of pebbles and cobbles to choose from — you can be assured that you’ll find one that matches your tastes.

  • Pebbles and Cobbles make your garden look immersed in nature - it is a great option for those who want to have an elegant and modern appearance to their garden while still having an essence of traditional countryside rivers. It makes your garden look colourful and beautiful, enhancing the aesthetic of your garden.
  • They’re a durable option for those who don’t want constant maintenance. Grass requires constant gardening, but Pebbles can be placed down and left, with a guarantee of longevity.
  • They have major variety in usage. They’re soft to walk on and look elegant dry. They can also be used wet, making them ideal for water features as well as the floor.

If you’re interested in coating any of your outside areas or water features with this large variety of different Pebbles, all can be purchased at Building Supplies Online.

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