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Gravel and shingle driveways are one of the most popular choices for driveways as well as hard landscaping in the UK. Gravel & shingle has a variety of uses and has been proven to be extremely versatile for absolutely anything you may need it for. However, one of the primary, uses for Gravel & shingle is for driveways and paths.

Why Choose Gravel & Shingle?

The key benefit for using Gravel & shingle instead of the usual asphalt, is that, if the gravel and shingle is properly maintained, it will give you the best performance and will prevent costly replacement, as compared to asphalt, gravel and shingle lasts a lot longer when taken care of.

Although the mention of having to maintain something sounds like hard work, we can assure you that with gravel and shingle, the process is extremely easy and pain free. Gravel and shingle, is extremely inexpensive and easy to lay, adding to the benefits of purchasing this medium for your landscaping or driveway needs, as well as having a vast range of colours, sizes and texture at your disposal, making it an easy choice when you come to deciding on what material is the right choice for your driveway or landscape resurfacing.

As well as being a cheaper and more desirably aesthetic option, the sound of the gravel is both satisfying as well as essential when alerting you to any one driving, or even walking up your driveway, whether they be uninvited or to let you know that you need to be ready for your guest approaching your home, or office.

Gravel and shingle used for driveways are often a man-made mixture of Gravel and shingle, doesn’t only have to be for home use! Gravel and shingle can be used in a variety of different settings, such as an office, hotel, school...etc.

Where Can you Use Gravel & Shingle?

It can be used for your patio, garden path... you can even get creative by mixing up a variety of different gravel and shingle colours, unlike asphalt, matching it to your home or even to your car colours, making it an easier, cheaper and more flexible choice wherever you are, for whatever you need! Maintaining your gravel & shingle is essential to keeping it good as new and performing to its very best.

Over time nature will take its course and things like weeds and other plants will start to grow through your gravel and shingle surface, however, this can be prevented easily by spraying chemicals like weed killer and de-weeding whatever the weed killer doesn’t manage to destroy. As well as this, over time, driving over the gravel will cause dust, and a compact look to your driveway, which is not a favoured look.

Dealing with this is simple, you can simply re-arrange your gravel and shingle and shuffle it around, till it looks good as new, or after some time has passed, lay another amount of gravel and shingle. This process still results cheaper than if you had to re-lay a tarmac or asphalt driveway, and let’s be honest, gravel and shingle looks and feels a lot nicer and has more character. With proper maintenance, gravel and shingle driveways, can last for generations and generations!

If there were any more reasons to choose gravel and shingle for your resurfacing needs, with proper maintenance, attention and care, your gravel driveway will last hundreds and hundreds of years, making it the cheapest and safest option in the long run. Paired with all the other benefits of choosing gravel and shingle for your path and driveway needs, the gravel usually used for driveways is made up of rock, sand and clay.

This mixture has a great advantage over plain rock, as it compacts much closer to create a more even and smoother surface. Normal rock is designed to let water flow through it, while driveway gravel and shingle breaks the water down, and shed it much like other solid paving materials, creating less flooding in your driveway or path.

Creating a gravel and shingle driveway or path is so simple! You just choose the variety of gravel and shingle, you wish to use for your driveway or path, and have a truck place the gravel and shingle where you need it, and spread it evenly around the desired space.

The cost of doing all this and having the desired gravel and shingle driveway will pay for its self, down the road, in the long run it will save you a lot of money on regenerating your driveway.

Why is Gravel and Shingle Right for you?

Because of the following: Unaffected by harsh weather Does not require any additional drainage Low maintenance Extremely cost effective Versatile to fit any shape area A wide choice of colour, size and texture Will last for hundreds of years So when you’re next deciding on your paving, driveway or pathing needs, choose gravel and shingle!

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