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Slate is a fine grained and foliated type of metamorphic rock and owes its fine-grained texture to its parent rock, shale. Slate is a very strong and durable rock, due largely to its metamorphic history, and as a result has a variety of uses in construction and industrial applications.

Choosing your Slate

Created from a Shale or Mudstone sedimentary rock, this sedimentary material forms a shale product which is typically composed of clay, volcanic ash, quartz and mica, with a small percentage of other minerals. The colour of slate is determined by the amount and type of iron and organic material present in the rock. Various shades of slate include;

  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Plum
  • Green 

Due to the natural variations of this material, the veins of colour often run very close together or even intertwine. This impacts the colour when quarrying, as the slate can be a mix of colours.

Our slate products are a sensible investment as our decorative aggregates do not disappoint. We promise to supply only the highest quality products, so you are happy with your purchase. We offer many different types of slate that could enhance your outside designs. If you’re looking to enhance the style of your water features, then the Graphite grey slate mulch is perfect for you.

These create a dramatic and intense look that add character to you home. They are practical and effective in all-weather types as they are soft and muted when dry and sleek when wet. As a re-cycled bi-product of the natural roofing and monumental stone industry, this product is the perfect purchase for you.

If you desire more subtle tones for a contemporary feel to your exterior, then the Large Blue Slates seem a better purchase for you.

These provide a dusky look when dry and glossy in the rain meaning they are also extremely practical and aesthetically pleasing in all-weather types. This product is also a very beneficial purchase if used for water features and general ground coverage, also due to its naturally flat and elongated texture providing effective coverage, as well as improving water retention in the soil due to its long-lasting mulching effect.

These slates are extremely popular and so Building Supplies Online ensure to have these on offer for you for whenever you would like to purchase.

Our Range of Slate

We offer only the best slates therefore you will have no disappointment when putting this product into your exterior. In contrast, you may decide to opt for the Large Green Slate which have a rich, dark green tone to add a splash of colour to your designs where the soft, powdery finish turns beautifully glossy when wet so you can enjoy the effect even in bad weather.

Again, these would look stunning by water features or as borders. On our website, we offer these for £143.99 with a 1-2-day delivery so you can add these to your exterior almost instantly. These Green slate chippings are 40mm for decorative use in the garden and come in bags weighing around 1000KG. These are extremely popular on our website; therefore, we only offer the best quality slates for our customers.

You may decide to purchase other types such as Blue Slate Mulch that have the same designs and functions but just with a blue, colder tone.

This is also like the Green Slate Mulch that look gorgeous around plants and other land greenery that is useful for general ground coverage. The Plum Slate Mulch would look gorgeous for a pathway or trail in comparison to those that look most suitable for water features which proves that our slate products are suitable for all situation and different desires of design.

Furthermore, Building Supplies Online promise to have a product to suit every design and situation proving why a purchase from our website would not disappoint.

Why Choose Slate

  • Slate is cost effective and are a more reasonable alternative to other products that could be used for the same purpose.
  • Due to being easy to lay and fit, Slate can be laid almost instantly meaning no extra costs are added to be fit and placed with in your land designs.
  • Slate is exceptionally hard wearing and durable in all weather types. Not only are they sustainable in all weather types, they also are aesthetically pleasing to al during both sun, rain, snow ect.
  • Slate is in a variety of different colours and so you can choose according to your exterior colour scheme and designs.
  • Slate also comes in a variety of different sizes, which is another reason why they are so practical for all designs and uses. They are undoubtably perfect for mulching.
  • Every product is made to please all our customers; therefore, we can reassure there will be no disappointment.

We promise that each of our products are made with the highest quality manufacturers so there will be no problems and issues for the durability of instalment. Unlike some other of our products, these take 1-2-days to be delivered and so your vision can become a reality almost instantly. We promise high quality service when purchasing, delivering and installing, to prove we are the best company for you.

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