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Rose arches are very similar to normal garden arches, but they specifically feature roses around the outside of the arch. We have a great range available online to choose from, all with superb prices and guarantees.

Our Range

We have a fantastic range of rose arches available online. They are a fantastic addition to your garden as a feature, or can also be used as a separator to another section of the garden that you may have. Once full flourished, you'll get wonderful fresh scent overtime you walk past also, which is a great bonus. Rose arches are made from pressure treated wood to ensure that no rot of fungal can build up or damage the wood. All our range of rose arches come with a guarantee from the manufacturer, but we predict it should last up to fifteen years will little to no issues along the way. 

Making a Choice

we have varied sizes in rose arches, depending on the size of your garden, this will dictate what's best for you. For larger spaces a large arch is recommended, they look stunning once installed and foliage and roses are placed around. It's an excellent uplifting feature to add to your garden and offers you a tranquil space to relax in the day or evening time. Flower arches have proven to be highly popular over the years and do not seem to be dropping in popularity either. For excellent value, you can purchase your arch today. They come with simple and easy to install instructions to guide you step by step.
Browse our selection of rose arches online today. We have something to suit all budgets, so if you are limited for cash we have affordable smaller options, but if you are looking for a really stunning garden feature and want to splash the cash, we have something for you also.

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