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Feather Edge Fencing

What is Feather Edge Fencing?

Looking to perfect the aesthetic of your dream garden whilst ensuring both your privacy and safety of your personal space? Look no further than Building Supplies Online’s extensive Feather Edge Fencing range. Although sometimes overlooked, finding the right fencing both in size and style, for your garden is of the utmost importance.

On a practical level Building Supplies Online’s Feather Edge Fencings will optimise the security of your outdoor living space. Building Supplies Online understands this is a prime concern for those with young children and animals, hence why we build our Feather Edge Fencing with the highest quality materials, promoting longevity and stability.

Choosing your Feather Edge Fence Panels  

  • At Building Supplies Online, we go the extra mile, not only ensuring the safety of your loved ones, but designing a range of Feather Edge Fencing that will accommodate all our customers’ unique stylistic tastes.
  • We offer our Feather Edge Fencing in a variety of shades constructed with FSC certified timber so our customers do not have to compromise durability when finding the shade that suits their outdoor environment the best.
  • Not only this, but our customers can choose from a range of different Feather Edge Fencing finishes from the dome to the straight top.

There are many options available when looking at feather edge boards so you need to look at what you are using the fencing for. 

  • The size and height of the feather edge boards will have a different effect on your finished garden.
  • The feather edge fencing overlaps giving a solid panel look for privacy and security in your garden and is a great option if you have pets to keep safe.
  • The feather edge fencing is also available with a straight or dome top both finishes give a slightly different look to your garden.
  • It is also worth knowing what height of the fence you can put up due to any building regulations in your area before you buy your feather edge fencing panels. 

Our Feather Edge Fence Panels 

All our Feather Edge Fencing has been thoroughly treated so as to guarantee our buyers with a ten year anti-rot warranty.

  • We have a number of options for your feather edge boards based on the sizing you require. All our feather edge fencing panels are made by Forest, the UK specialists for a range of Garden Products. 
  • Their feather edge boards are made from FSC certified timber from sustainable sources and are dip treated to give a 10-year anti-rot guarantee with regular re-treatment. The feather edge boards are made to be heavy duty and durable making them a good choice.

The feather edge fencing is made with rear horizontal supporting rails to add their strength. There are also a great number of options available in height and width of your feather edge fence panels.  The feather edge fence panels are mainly used for boundary screens as they are strong and provide better privacy than some alternative options.

There are many sizes and heights of feather edge fence panels available so whether you are looking for a partial screen or total privacy there is an option for you. 

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