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Artificial Grass

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Enhance your garden with our range of Artificial Grass. Available in a variety of styles and colours. Artificial Grass are the UK’s premier supplier of artificial turf. Noted for their high quality products and great value.

Artificial Grass is becoming increasingly popular. Especially as a way of having a turfed home garden, terrace, school or nursery play area, pet run, putting green, or other grassed area.

Modern artificial turf is unrecognisable from the ‘plastic pitches’ of the 1980s. The innovative products from Artificial Grass recreate the look and feel of high quality natural turf. However, with none of the hassles associated with maintaining a natural lawn.

As artificial grass is becoming affordable, it is a great alternative for homes, schools, and businesses. Especially when they are looking to replace their grass or install a new grassed area.

Maybe you are a professional landscaper looking to add artificial grass to the services you offer? A DIY and garden enthusiast looking to make changes to your own garden? Our range of products from Artificial Grass has everything to meet your needs, and at great value prices.

Why Choose Artificial Grass

There are a number of reasons why you should choose artificial grass instead of natural turf;

  • Artificial grass is attractive to look at all year round. The products in our range from Artificial Grass recreate the great look of natural grass. When properly installed a lawn from artificial grass can be indistinguishable from a natural grass lawn. Unlike natural turf, artificial grass will not develop worn, bare patches or fade if well used in the summer, and won’t become muddy and brown in the winter. You’ll have a great looking lawn that you can use and enjoy all year round. 
  • Artificial grass needs none of the maintenance of natural lawns. With a built in weed suppressant backing that means no weeding is necessary, and not needing to be watered even in hot summer. This can also make it the environmentally friendly choice as it saves on water and avoids the use of pesticides and fertilisers.
  • Artificial grass is safe for children and pets, feeling soft on skin and paws, and comfortable underfoot. It won’t bake hard in summer or freeze solid in winter. Children can play on it all year round without the risk of injury from falling on an unexpectedly hard surface. It won’t burn skin when children slide or fall on it. This makes it idea not only for gardens but for play areas in schools, nurseries, and parks. Artificial grass is easy to keep clean and doesn’t suffer from the risk of infestation by pests. This means it can be more hygienic for your children and pets than natural turf as well.
  • Artificial grass is easy to install, and can be fitted by DIY and garden enthusiasts, and by independent landscapers. It can be laid on almost any kind of surface, without the need for a sand infill, on level, sloping, and contoured or undulating gardens.
  • Artificial grass is both affordable to install and is inexpensive to maintain
  • Artificial grass can last for twenty years without fading or deteriorating. There's no need for the regular replacement and reseeding of natural turf. There no maintenance costs involved in keeping natural grass healthy as well.

How to Choose your Artificial Grass

Our Artificial Grass range includes a wide choice of turfs with many different pile heights. From Greenscene Artificial Grass with a pile height of only 7mm, suitable for putting greens. Or Grandeur Artificial Grass with a pile height of 45mm, that will not only look great but will feel soft and comfortable underfoot and on your skin.

If you are after something striking and different we also offer Artificial Grass products in a range of modern colours. These include Snow Blanket white to bright yellow and blue and so on in the Rainbow range of Artificial Grass.

You will find all of the accessories and tools you need to install your Artificial Grass including;

  • Fixing pins
  • Joining tape
  • Adhesives
  • Weed membrane

So you will find everything you need to give yourself, or your landscape business customers a great Artificial Grass lawn, or turfed area.

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