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What is an Axe?

Axes are a great tool, perfect for the use of shaping, splitting and cutting wood, the axe has many forms and specialised uses but generally consists of an axe head with a handle, also known as helve.

An axe reduces the effort needed by the wood chopper and increases the amount of force that the user can put on the wood. Most modern axes have steel heads and wooden handles, although plastic or fibreglass handles are also commonly available now.

Our Range of Axes

We have a wide range of axes and mauls available at Building Supplies Online, all supplied by Roughneck. Roughneck is a Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd brand, recognised internationally as an assurance of ‘tough tools for a tough world’.

With a strong and global reputation for quality, performance and technical innovation, Roughneck® is their flagship brand.

The range of premium products they offer caters for the needs of both the professional and committed DIY user. It includes heavy-duty construction, landscaping and demolition tools as well as a growing selection of workwear, something to suit everyone!

Roughneck Axes

We have a large range of Roughneck axes and mauls available, there is sure to be something to suit your needs, and with a wide range of prices – there is no need to break the bank.

  • The Roughneck axes have drop forged alloy steel blades that have been hardened and tempered.
  • They use industrial grade epoxy for a longer lasting bond and have a solid core fibreglass handles with a polypropylene cover, they also have double injected TPR soft-grips and polished cutting edges.
  • Roughneck also offer mauls, a splitting maul (also known as a block buster, block splitter, sledge axe, go-devil or hamaxe) is a heavy, long-handled axe used for splitting a piece of wood along its grain.
  • The Roughneck Splitting Maul combines genuine American hickory and high-quality steel manufacturing into a hand axe with an appealing vintage design that is also highly effective.
  • The hickory handle of the maul is durable on its own but has been smoke treated to generate a moisture resistance and is securely attached to the head with a sturdy steel and wood wedge combination.
  • The head of the maul is made with heat-treated and tempered steel, a process that improves strength and longevity, with a fine edge for effortless cutting.
  • Roughneck's Hollow Handle Axe is a perfect choice for quick and effective splitting of wood, specifically; firewood and logs.
  • The forged steel blade has been hardened and tempered in production to increase strength, and the handle is made of shatter-proof nylon that has been further reinforced with fibre making it virtually indestructible within normal use.
  • This amazing construction makes the axe lightweight and produces an improved weight balance.
  • The handle is also moulded around the head of the axe to ensure an ideal and durable fit.
  • The Roughneck Twister Wood Splitting Wedge is designed and shaped specifically to pry apart two halves of logs as it splits them.
  • This produces an effective twisting action as it enters the log, plus the drop forged, hardened and tempered steel construction that provides long-lasting durability.
  • This use of a wood splitting wedge is perfect for larger and stronger logs. The materials used in Roughneck products are 100% FSC® certified.
  • The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo is your assurance that it is made with, or contains; wood that comes from FSC certified forests or from post-consumer waste.

Choosing the Right Axe

There are a number of important things to consider when choosing your axe to make sure that it is the right tool for the job you have in mind. This includes;

  • Does the axe need to chop or split wood? There are certain axes which are more suitable for this process
  • The size of the wood – the size of the wood will alter which size of axe you need to purchase
  • The quality of axe you need – always make sure your safety is top priority when purchasing an axe

Maintenance of your Axe

Your axe should be kept in a dry place, but not so dry or warm that the handle risks shrinking in the axe head, so make sure that the bit and the bit sheath are not wet when you put on the sheath. If the axe is going to be put away for some time, oil the axe head as an un-oiled axe may rust and ruin.

Try not to use your axe as a sledgehammer or wedge, if you hammer too hard on or with an axe, the eye of the axe may deform or break.

Sharpening - The sharpening of an axe is done in several steps, depending on how worn down the axe head is.When sharpening your axe be mindful of the bevel or angle at the bit end, an axe is not a straight consistent wedge.

The angle of thickness is different as you move up the axe bit, most axes have a 30-40 degree angle at the end of the bit and a 15-20 degree angle about ½” from the cutting edge. The angle of the sharpening is essential in correctly sharpening an axe.

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  1. Draper Hand Axe
    Draper Hand Axe
  2. Felling Axe With Fibreglass Shaft - All Sizes
    Draper Felling Axe With Fibreglass Shaft - All Sizes
  3. Draper Fibreglass Splitting Axe
    Draper Fibreglass Splitting Axe
  4. Draper Fibreglass Shaft Log Splitting Maul
    Draper Fibreglass Shaft Log Splitting Maul
  5. Draper Fibreglass Hatchet Axe
    Draper Fibreglass Hatchet Axe
  6. Image For Roughneck Axe Fibreglass Handle - 600g (1.1/4 lb)
    Roughneck Axe Fibreglass Handle 600g (1.1/4 lb)
  7. Image For Roughneck FSC® American Hickory Hatchet - 800g (1.75lb)
    Roughneck American Hickory Hatchet 800g (1.75 lb)
  8. Image For Roughneck Splitting Maul 2.0kg (4.1/2lb)
    Roughneck Splitting Maul 2.0kg (4.1/2 lb)
  9. Image For Roughneck Wood Grenade® Splitting Wedge - 1.82kg (4lb)
    Roughneck Wood Grenade® Splitting Wedge 1.82kg (4 lb)
  10. Fiskars XS-X7 Camping Axe 640g (1.4 lb)
    Fiskars XS-X7 Camping Axe 640g (1.4 lb)
  11. Bahco Standard Hand Axe HGPS 0.6-360 800g
    Bahco Standard Hand Axe HGPS 0.6-360 800g
  12. Bahco Standard Hand Axe HGPS 0.8-380 1kg
    Bahco Standard Hand Axe HGPS 0.8-380 1kg
  13. Bulldog Fibreglass Hatchet 680g (1.5 lb)
    Bulldog Fibreglass Hatchet 680g (1.5 lb)
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