Having a garden at your property is a sough after luxury, giving any owner their own bit of nature and an area for socializing or relaxing. However, up keep of a garden can be very challenging, especially if you do not have the appropriate tools to correctly maintain this luxury.

Trees and bushes, although adding a refreshing and aesthetic look to the garden, can be a real hassle to preserve. Our range of the highest quality tree loppers, available on the ‘Building Supplies Online’ website, are the perfect way of maintaining your gardens aesthetic look.

What are Tree Loppers?

Tree loppers are often operated with two hands, however with our wide range of tree loppers we also have single handed operated products. Tree Loppers are perfect for reaching them hard to reach places, which can be tasking when you do not have the correct tools, meaning that every inch of your garden can be left looking aesthetic and well looked after.

Our Range of Tree Loppers

  • Our extensive range of Tree loppers are durable yet very lightweight. This is due to the high quality materials used to manufacture all these products, meaning that our tree loppers can be used by wide range of people, regardless of age and strength of the individual.
  • This combined with the ranges uncompromising durability, means that your garden will be looking fresh and well looked after for years to come.
  • The handle has a comfortable grip so not to cause any blisters and can therefore be used for big and small gardens, without hurting or damaging your hands.
  • The Anvil Block grips on our range of tree loppers will maintain a steady grip and stop your hand from slipping, ensuring that the blade stays in place when cutting.
  • As well as this, our handles are long and for good reason.
  • Often people when pruning their garden will get cut or injured trying to reach for branches that are hard or near impossible to get too.
  • Our extensive range comes with long handles, ensuring that you do not get cut by jagged branches or wood, ensuring the safety of you and others who are using the Tree Loppers.
  • Our tree lopper blades are sure to cut the most tough branches, with a plethora of our products coming with carbon steel blades, it will cut effortlessly, saving you time and energy, especially useful for the elderly or those who are physically not as strong.
  • The cut is efficient and clean, so to add to the style and look of the garden and will not snag on branches or leaves which can leave a displeasing and unappealing look.
  • Tree loppers are most useful for dry and dead wood, however can also be used on damper branches if needs be.

Choosing your Tree Lopper

On our Building Supplies Online website, we stock the best brands at the most competitive of prices. For example we stock brands such as: Fiskars, Kent & Stowe and Faithfull, all established and respected brands in their own right.

With Fiskars being founded in 1649, it has adapted and flourished over years and years into one of the most competitive and sough after brands out there. Value and quality do not seem to match up, with the highest quality tree loppers being sold at outstanding value, competitive with any other online building company or shop in the UK.

All our tree Loppers have a delivery of 1 to 2 working days, so if you need the products in a hurry, look no further. All our products are made using only sustainable materials as we are proud to help reduce environmental damage, giving you peace of mind that the product is environmentally friendly.

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