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Wooden Garden Planters

What better way to show off your trees, florals and greenery than the natural material of Wooden Garden Planters?

Wooden Garden Planters Design

Wooden Garden Planters come in so many different shapes and sizes that you will certainly find something to suit your garden. The beauty of these planters is that they go equally well on a patio or terrace as they do nestle on your lawn. You may think that they would only suit a more traditional garden as the Wooden Planter Box is one of the longest established planter designs we have.

However, there are some stunning examples of contemporary design, which would look fantastic amongst the most modern of spaces. Wooden Garden Planters really are very versatile containers, which would enhance any outside area.

Making A Choice

Some customers are so impressed with the look of Wooden Garden Planters that they want to try DIY Wooden Planters. You can create your own planters by either attaching a few ready-made planters together, to make an interesting shaped planter or by constructing your own from scratch. Whether you choose to make your own or invest in one of our planters, we have everything you need for your project, from the timber and nails or pre-constructed planters.

The best way to start is to decide where you will put your Wooden Garden Planters and then decide which shape and design would look best. Of course, you will also need to know what you plan to plant in your containers, as this will also dictate the size and shape that you use. If you are thinking about installing raised beds in your garden, tall, wide wooden planters will suit you perfectly.

Wooden Garden Planters will not only look great as containers for single trees, but also as containers for lots of smaller plants grouped together. 

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