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Explore our range of Topsoil from industry leading brands. One of our main renowned brands is Bradstone that we work closely with.

Our Range of Topsoil

Topsoil has lately been in demand as it has multiple uses for example it can be used as decoration for paths or on beddings and borders, restore plants and finally ideal for around kids playgrounds. All of our different types of products are long lasting packed with vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and can instantly have a huge impact on your garden.

Why Choose Topsoil?

You should choose our Topsoil for your garden as:

It isn’t very expensive and can be used in so many different ways for example to fill pathways, on beddings and borders in the garden, to suppress weeds and for kids playgrounds.

Topsoil is suitable for children’s playgrounds as it provides them with a softer fall rather than concrete. It also protects your garden from wear and tear and if eventually you do not want a playground you can use it for other flower beds or paths so it is not wasted and can be reused.

  • Topsoil comes in different sizes, colours and textures to suit your garden. It’s a safer option than a hard floor as it prevents any slips and trips.
  • Topsoil can also be used in chickens and rabbit pens providing them with a comfortable home.
  • They last for a long time so it’s simple to look after and you don’t have to change it frequently.
  • They come in many different styles and textures from large topsoil to fine topsoil.
  • Topsoil is the perfect way in gaining good quality soil. It can be by itself or even mixed with already existing soil even if it’s of poor quality. The topsoil will improve its quality greatly by adding key nutrients back into it.
  • Topsoil is inexpensive and can completely transform a shabby garden into a thriving one.
  • Great for courtyards or patios where no natural soil exists.
  • Topsoil Bulk Bags are ideal to use underneath new turf or seeds as they are high quality.
  • Top Dressing Bulk Bags are good to use for grass that’s patchy when you are re-seeding them. They are used as a dressing to improve lawns and pitches.
  • The Compost Organic Multi Purpose Bulk Bags are suitable for any planting projects as they are 100% organic and help to revive any poor soil with their rich nutrients. They can tackle every planting job you have as they have a neutral pH. As these bags are packed with so many good nutrients, vitamins and minerals it feeds your plants from the roots up. Also it is good to mix in with poor soil as it can be salvaged with the help of this bag.
  • Then we have the Topsoil Bordermate Bulk Bag which is designed for the use of restoring flower beds and also borders. This bulk bag is a combination of high-quality lawnmate and organic horse and chicken manure.
  • Applying thick layers of any bark to your garden will decorate it giving it an attractive finished look. Also it helps to restore the underneath soil, protects against any weeds and over time will hugely improve the structure of your soil.
  • Topsoil is perfect to cover any empty areas of soil you may have providing with a sleek tidy finish. You can also add the bark around flowers as it is also contains good nutrients making your flowers shine through it.

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    Top Soil High Quality Grade - 850 Kg Bag
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