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Bradstone Block Paving Kerbs

Your home will have added kerb appeal if you use bradstone kerbs to give your front lawn or drive that finishing touch.

If you are after landscaping with style for your pathways or want to finish off your drive with a perfect kerb, bradstone kerbstone will make the job easy. It perfectly compliments tegula paving and works just as well with large sections of block paving. Match the kerbstone colours for a unified look or create contrast and interest for the eye by combining bradstone kerbs with natural stone paving. Bradstone kerbstone works in any combination of materials and is therefore a versatile building material.

Choosing your Bradstone Kerbs

Using bradstone kerbstone to pave your driveway works with any shape of driveway - whether you have a large area that fits several cars or a small driveway that sits at an awkward angle. The neat shape of bradstone kerbs means that you can use it for a variety of projects. Bradstone kerbstone is a robust and weather proof material that will look good for years to come and stands up well to winter weather. Match the kerb of your drive to the edging around your front lawn for added kerb appeal by using bradstone kerbs.

Line your garden paths and patios with Bradstone Kerbs

If you want to redesign your seating area to fit in more friends for garden parties or you want to make your garden more child friendly by adding a paved play area, bradstone kerbs are perfect for all kinds of options. Bradstone kerbs come in brindled and charcoal look that will work with any type of paving. High quality bradstone kerbs Whether you are looking to edge your driveway, neatly frame your patio or get more creative with your garden design, bradstone kerbs will be perfect.

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