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Building Supplies Online offers an extensive range of Timber Deck Supports and Timber Decking Tiles to meet any of your project requirements.

Our online range of Timber Deck Supports and Timber Decking Tiles is the perfect place to find everything you need to have that rooftop retreat.  Below are a few examples of Timber Deck Supports and Timber Decking Tiles but please take a look at our Flat Roof section for other products that you may require.

Choosing & Installing Your Timber Decking Tiles

Hardwood your decking tiles by using suspended Wallbarn Timber Decking Tiles which combine the natural, attractive finish of timber decking with the speed and ease of laying paving slabs. These Timber Decking Tiles are laid in the same way as regular concrete paving slabs and they can be suspended on Wallbarn's range of Deck Supports. The positioning lugs on the Deck Support allow rainwater to drain underneath and between the Timber Decking Tiles into an appropriate outlet. This avoids the risk of standing water causing the wood to rot creating a slippery surface.

Wallbarn TD Timber Decking Pedestal TD adjustable Deck Supports offer the perfect solution for installation of perfectly flat timber decking Tiles on balconies, terraces and roof decks. Fixing timber decking tiles is fast, easy and more durable using Timber Decking adjustable Deck Supports. Instead of cutting timber joists to cover falls in the deck, simply twist the Deck Supports telescopic stem to change the height of the frame, creating a flat, level surface on which to fix the Timber Decking Tiles. To avoid damaging the waterproofing membrane It is essential that the timber does not lay directly on the subdeck.

At Building Supplies Online, we are always on hand to offer advice and assistance with your selection of Cleaning products, Cleaning Chemicals, Mould Remover and Dust Sheets so feel free to give us a call or join us or livechat to discuss your requirements further.

Decking tiles can be made from wood or a composite plastic type. Decking tiles are a good alternative to standard decking boards.
As long as you have a solid area to lay them upon, ie an old patio that needs updating. Otherwise, you would need to build a decking tiles frame and use decking support pads to place them on, as you cannot place them directly on the soil. Decking support pads can be used on a refurbishment project as well, as they enable you to lay suspended decking tiles over another surface.

Decking support pads are a great way to ensure you get a level decking area on any surface, you can also hide cables and pipework underneath the decking for a neat finish. Decking support pads also ensure a good airflow under your decking tiles. Decking support pads can be used if you are making a roof deck on a flat roof, as this means the timber will be raised up on decking support pads above any standing water, which would help avoid damage and rotting.
Wooden decking tiles are made from kiln dried wood to help avoid the wood from splitting or cracking when in use The wood used for decking tiles is also pressure treated so they are robust and have a long lifespan.

Wooden decking tiles are available in different wood shades, the colour treated wood will lighten with age, but will be darker if rained on. Don't forget that wood being a natural product, your deck tiles could change shape and size during different weather conditions, so some variations in size may occur. You should aim to keep your decking tiles swept and clean, you should also reseal the edges with deck oil or deck stain to help prevent rotting or warping.

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