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Flat Roof Felt

A Flat Roof Felt is a great choice for homes, garages, summer houses, extensions, and many other buildings. When constructing a flat roof, there a lot of details to consider. A flat roof uses a timber frame for the supporting structure, and roofing felt is placed over this.

Flat Roof Felt Range

A traditional Flat Roof Felt is a time-tested product that is cost effective and easy to maintain. There are three main types of underlayment used under roofing materials. One of the most common options is roofing felt.

In our Flat Roof Felt range, we carry a vapour-permeable underlay that is completely waterproof but allows the air to circulate. This helps when there is an imbalance of humidity. It also really helps with energy saving and managing heat loss.

You can use the roofing felt with the Flat Roof Sealant we offer to shield your home against dirt, dust, and inclement weather conditions.

Making A Choice

Using a roof felt used to have a bad reputation. The perception is that the process involves ‘pour and roll’ felts where pieces of thin bitumen were glued together.

The range of Flat Roof Felt options we now have are far superior and manufactured to the highest standards. They are renowned for their light-weight, energy-saving capabilities. Air leakage contributes heavily to heat loss, and the Flat Roof Felt options we offer will reduce this a great deal.

Our Flat Roof Systems offer all the products you need for complete and efficient roof installation.

Choose from our superior Flat Roof Felt options for a roof felt that has a high tear strength to weight ratio, has high breathability and is available in a range of weights and widths to suit any roof size. It is a cost-effective, efficient part of your flat roof construction.

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