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Roof Membrane

A Roof Membrane is commonly used on a flat or a nearly flat roof to help protect the building, reduce heat loss by improving insulation, and prevent water from damaging the property. It is a great choice for homes, summer houses, garages, extensions, and many other buildings.

How Does Roof Membrane Work?

A Roof Membrane is manufactured using modified bitumen, synthetic rubber, or PVC. It is an increasingly popular option for residential properties. Using a roofing membrane improves the longevity of the internal structure.

It is a cost-effective, low maintenance option. A Breathable Roof Membrane is vapour permeable but water resistant. It is usually placed in a tiled roof where the external cladding may not be completely waterproof or moisture resistant. A Roof Membrane is placed on the cold side of the insulation. It prevents external forces from coming in through the cladding and into the home.

However, its breathability allows the building to have ventilation by draining into the outside and preventing a build-up of internal humidity and condensation.


Roofing Membrane UK is used to prevent damp and mould buildup. A damp building can cause severe problems as it can go undetected for a long time. A Roof Membrane is water (snow and dust) resistant but has breathable properties.

This allows the building to release surplus moisture back into the air, which keeps the building dry. It is used as a secondary protective layer that will increase the longevity of your roof and home.

If you don’t use a Roof Membrane, over time, you would find water condensation to build-up and drip into the structure.

Choose a Roof Membrane from our selection to protect your building from external forces and improve the longevity of your roof, reduce condensation and humidity, and increase the insulation of your home.

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