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Self Adhesive Roofing Felt

Self Adhesive Roofing Felt is an exceedingly versatile roofing material that is durable and creates a reliable weatherproof roofing system.

IKO easyseal has been designed to offer you all the great benefits of roofing felt without having to use hot bitumen or naked flames. This saves heaps of money and makes roofing felt even easier to install. The application is extremely easy and involves a simple strip back of the backing which then reveals the adhesive. This requires only basic skills and tools.

Where Can I Use Self-Adhesive Roofing Felt? 

Self Adhesive roof felt is lightweight so can go on weaker structures such as sheds and outbuildings. It can also be applied under shingles to prep and smoothen out a roof or as a roofing system alone once multiple layers have been applied. Self-adhesive roofing felt improves the uniformity and look of shingled and tiled roofs and it reduces blemishes within the roof. Other common roof felt applications include garages, summerhouses, flat roof extensions and kennels.

Features & Benefits Of Self Adhesive Roofing Felt

Coated with SBS modified bitumen, self adhesive felt sheets are water repellent and very hardwearing. When fitted correctly self adhesive roofing felt will prevent water from entering and damaging your roof. In cases of heavy rainfall, the water simply drips off the roofing felt prohibiting water to enter the roof structure. In places where snow and ice are common, roofing felt is an excellent roofing option which acts as a barrier and does not crack from the cold temperatures. When the snow and ice melt it simply rolls off the roofing felt leaving no impact.

The lightweight, easy characteristics of self-adhesive felt sheets mean it can be used by both DIYers and professionals. Being flexible and easy to cut it will adapt to the specifications of any curved, pitched or flat roof. The strong adhesive will bond well and ensure a long life. Felt roofing is easily repairable so even in the rare case of a tear it will be very easy to fix. Self-adhesive roofing felt is a safe and easy roofing method that is available at affordable prices at Building Supplies Online.

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  1. Danosa SBS 2.5mm Bonded Underlay - 12m x 1m
    Danosa Esterdan 30 P Elast Autoadhesive - 12m x 1m
  2. Katepal Limari Toptite Self Adhesive Top Felt - 8m x 1m (8m2)
    Katepal Limari Toptite Self Adhesive Top Felt - 8m x 1m (8m2)
  3. Katepal Pintari Valley Covevring 10m x 0.7m (7m2) - All Colours
    Katepal Pintari Valley Covering 10m x 0.7m (7m2) - All Colours
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