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Shed Felt

Whether you are applying shed roof felt to a new shed or renewing tired shed roof felt, it is important to use a good quality shed roof felt that will keep your shed protected from the elements.

Building Supplies Online offer a range of shed roof felt designed to meet the needs of everyone, including being suitable for DIY fitting without compromising quality.

Choosing Shed Roof Felt

With a choice of shed roof felt available in the market, knowing which type of shed felt to choose is important.  If you don't want to be reroofing your shed too often, especially if your shed is in a corner and doesn't have easy access all sides, then it makes sense to invest in a heavy duty shed felt.  Our heavy duty shed roof felt will last up to 15 years. If you are simple looking for a shed felt solution that will last up to 5 years then our lighter weight shed roofing felt is the ideal solution.

Shed Roofing Felt Products

Our shed roof felt product range includes the IKO waterproof shed felt that is the traditional bitumen roofing felt with a fine finish of decorative mineral in either black or green felt.  it comes in rolls of 8m x 1m or 10 x 1m and is ideal for sheds, stables, kennels and hutches. 

IKO Super Shed Roof Felt is a more substantial roofing felt, designed to last up to 15 years, it is a polyester reinforced bitumen coated shed roof felt that is finished with a protective fine mineral decorative coating.  Super Shed roof Felt is also available in green felt and black.

If your shed is in your garden you may want to look at our Green Mineral Felt, this is very a very popular shed roof felt. Green shed roof felt blends well into a garden and is a choice that many people make when deciding on which shed felt to choose to compliment the greenery.

Available in both standard black shed felt and super shed felt, black roofing felt is used by many people for a variety of sheds.  A personal preference will decide whether black shed roof felt or green mineral felt is what you decide to buy.All of our shed roof products have great video showing you how to felt a shed roof.  Have a look at our best selling Super Shed Green Mineral Felt watch now.Taking time to fit your new shed roof correctly you should expect up to 5 years from the standard shed roof felt and up to 15 years for Super Shed Felt. 

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